Warm Welcome to GM (O) Lucknow, Sh Kamlesh Kukreti on becoming the part of AIGETOA Family on dtd 06.07.2023:

Congratulations to AIGETOA UPE on this significant development !!

On 6th July 2023, GM (O) Lucknow, UP(East) Sh Kamlesh Kukreti has join AIGETOA. It is a testament to the association’s growing influence and credibility. The team AIGETOA warmly welcomes Sh Kamlesh Kukreti and expresses our gratitude for his decision to join our esteemed association.

It’s a positive step towards strengthening the association and working towards the betterment of the company. It will inspire and motivate the members of AIGETOA, while also bringing new perspectives and ideas to the association.