Utterances of SNEA in their website

We observed some utterances of SNEA in their website.

So far, they have made many allegations against AIGETOA… Let’s go one by one !!!

  1. Worked very hard to scuttle the Time Bound Promotion Policy which ensures functional promotion after every 5 years. They scuttled it because it was negotiated by SNEA. The biggest beneficiaries are BSNL Rects. So, the so called BR saviors backstabbed the BRs – As the then MA they should be ashamed that they surrendered before AIGETOA… and this is ridiculous that the so called mighty association is today blaming others for their failures.
  1. AIGETOA worked very hard and made the SDE stagnation period as 12 years from 5 years. Their silence on the issue speaks volumes – The comments are on a draft.. premature assumptions by SNEA has become an habit which speaks volumes about their hurry in concluding things… In fact they are forgetting that Residency Period has once again become 3 years instead of 5 years by them.
  1. In 2007, AIGETOA opposed LDCE promotion demanding direct promotion from JTO to DE/AGM, equating with ITS Officers, instead of JTO to SDE promotion (that was their CPSU CH proposal of 2007) – And SNEA conspired to derail this ..they are calling it a Sin to aspire high . Shows their mindset.
  1. In 2015, CMD offered 6% SAB contribution in the open session of AIC of SNEA at Jaipur in the presence of all General Secretaries. AIGEOTA opposed it demanding full 12% and finally agreed for 3% in 2016-17. A big loss to all BRs. Who is against BRs, it is AIGETOA – In 2015 AIC of SNEA, CMD assured for 6 percent. SNEA was in power till 2020. In 5 years, they couldn’t implement that. This shows volumes about their seriousness on the issue. And also till today, SNEA is unable to tell us what percentage is yet to be achieved. They forgot this in 2007 when they got 30 percent fitment but forgot benefits of BRs ie Standard Pay Scales and 30 percent SAB..SNEA is the root cause of pendencies of such issues.
  1. SNEA demanded E2 and E3 scales from 01.01.2007 during 2nd PRC implementation. AIGETOA scuttled it initially by demanding E2 and E3 from 01.10.2000 itself and later on demanding cascading effect with revision of all other scales by forming a United Forum with some other Assns. Another big loss to all BRs recruited after 2007. Who is against BRs, It is AIGETOA. – The motive of SNEA is very clear after seeing the scales in CPSU proposal. They agreed for E1 in 2014 JTO RRs. Now they are showering Sermons…They were sleeping when other scales from 2nd PRC was being finalized..They became mum when initial two scales were kept Provisional.. AIGETOA is still in court and had kept the issue alive till date by obtaining stay on degradation of RRs and fighting in BSNL also. Can SNEA tell, how many forums they approached for this.
  1. If OTP transfer is so transparent, then why more than 200 requests are pending today or rejected? AIGEOTA should accept it as their failure in bringing transparency? – Again just a presumption..one month TA/TP as donation policy is obsolete now and executives are getting transfer without any hassles .. perhaps that is pinching SNEA. Proof of Transparency is that as on date there is waiting for hard tenure

Other achievements of AIGETOA will be contd tomorrow — We will wait for that ..We love the fairy tells of the Lie machine..