Update of Meeting Team AIGETOA with CMD BSNL & other Officers on 06.03.2023

All India Chairman Shri Ravi Shil Verma and AGS Shri Sunil Gautam met CMD BSNL Shri P K Purwar and once again requested for granting the time for the agenda meeting under his chairmanship. We emphasised upon the need for a meeting where conclusive discussion takes place on the issues raised earlier. CMD BSNL appreciated our concern and accepted our request. The agenda meeting shall be held in the second half of 21st March 2023.

Discussion on ongoing MT process was also held wherein we raised our objection to the process and requested for his intervention in stopping the process further. CMD BSNL was non committal on stopping the process but he said he is open to discussion on all issues including the MT issue. We raised the legal points also pertaining to this. We shall be submitting our formal inputs in black and white also. One thing is clear, come what may, AIGETOA cannot allow this recruitment to take place and will take all efforts and all means to stop this process.

Earlier we highlighted to Director HR about the conclusions of agenda meeting wrt JTO to SDE Promotions and Settlement of SDE Reversal issue for which the assured cut-off date was 15th March 2023. We shall be following the issues committed in the agenda meeting on a daily basis to ensure that the committed date is not breached. A little bit of slowdown is there due to Festive Week, however AIGETOA is fully hopeful that management will not break its promise and will honour their commitments. Further, as a follow up to the agenda meeting, another meeting with Director HR shall be held on 13th March 2023 at 5.30 pm.

AIC and AGS also met GM PERS and discussed the OTP issues, OTP orders for Karnataka, issuance of new hard tenure and soft tenure stations, opening of another OTP window for those who missed to apply in last window because their applications were rejected on last day of the earlier window, relieving of executives who have completed their tenures, allowing those executives who have applied in OTP to opt for new stations for those falling in Long Stay list, and issues related to Long Stay Transfers. GM Pers assured that OTP cases shall be considered and also agreed to consider our request for opening a short window. On those persons who are falling in long stay list and have already applied in OTP, he suggested that all such executives may opt for their choices by sending Emails to Pers I and Pers II section (agmpers1@gmail.com & agmpers2@gmail.com). He said OTP requests of Karnataka Circle shall also be considered by posting more number of executives to Karnataka Circle. On the new tenure station orders, he said that one final meeting is due to be held with CMD BSNL and thereafter the matter shall be decided in finality. For relieving of the executives for tenure stations and those completed their tenures, a final reminder shall be issued to circles directing them to relieve the Executives on transfer else they shall be relieved through ERP. On long stay transfers, AIGETOA firmly submitted its view that management should remain uniform in its approach and there should not be any discrimination or preferential treatment to anyone or any group. GM Pers assured that management will remain uniform in its approach.

Meeting with respect to the Pay related issues with establishment section and Immunity related discussion with SR cell shall be held next week.