Updates of Team of AIGETOA meeting with PGM(Pers), Corporate Office, New Delhi on 18th Dec 2023 :

On 18th Dec 2023, Team AIGETOA met PGM (Pers), Corporate Office, New Delhi and discussed following issues.

OTP Transfers Issues:

A] The team engaged in a detailed discussion with PGM(Pers) concerning OTP transfers issues.

B] A request was made to clear all pending OTP requests before the 31st of December 2023.

C] The team highlighted the challenges faced by executives with a circle tenure exceeding 18 years, facing both inter BA and inter circle transfers. This situation was explained to cause confusion and hardship.

D] A request was submitted to avoid inter BA/OA transfers for officers with more than 18 years of service in the circle. Additionally, guidelines were sought to guide circles in avoiding such orders.

E] PGM(Pers) agreed with our perspective and assured us of considering the matter and taking up the same with higher authorities for issuance of letters to circles, instructing them to refrain from issuing inter BA/OA transfer orders to officers with more than 20 years of circle tenure.

Deficit in Karnataka Circle Cadres (SDE and AGM):

A] The team raised the issue of the deficit in the cadres of SDE and AGM in Karnataka circle.

B] A request was made for a one-time window for officers from other circles, with an assurance to revert them to their parent or requested circle after 3 years.

C] PGM(Pers) noted the request and assured an examination to explore the possibility of a one-time OTP window for Karnataka circle.

OTP Transfers – Tenure Circles, Excess Circle to Shortage Circles:

A] PGM(Pers) informed that OTP transfers to tenure circles, as well as from excess circle to shortage circles, would be issued.

B] The team requested the consideration of excess circle to excess circle transfers (e.g., AP to Telangana), emphasizing that executives should not be penalized when such transfers result in no loss or gain for the department but provide significant help and justice to the executives.