Updates of Team AIGETOA meeting with Officers in Personnel Cell, BSNL CO on 19th Sept 2023 :

Team AIGETOA met officers in Personnel Cell and discussed about the following.

An initiative which was taken exclusively by AIGETOA regarding AGM notional promotion from 2018 and regularization of provisional Promotions held in 2018 has started taking shape. In this VC has been called of the officers who are eligible to get notional promotion from 2018. We later pursued the issue in vigilance section and met GM Vigilance and requested to expedite VC.

We requested for AGM Regular seniority list such that AGM to DGM promotion can be done for those who have completed their residency in the grade. It was assured that the same will be done after bringing the left out officers at par with 2018 promoted AGMs. Earlier the issue was tackled by AIGETOA by citing the fact that since the directions of Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh have been compiled by taking a final decision with respect to reservation in promotions, the regular seniority list can now be issued. The same was agreed to be processed by the management and now it has taken a final shape.

We highlighted for regularising adhoc to regular DGM promotions at the earliest. It was assured that as soon as we get any positive direction in Thakur’s case, the orders will be issued.

It was impressed upon to see that maximum vacancies are included for promotions in DGM grade such that the maximum resultant vacancies can be utilized for the eligible SDEs waiting for AGM promotion. Already the formula given by AIGETOA has been accepted by management by including the clear vacancies of regular Promotions (Promotions which are not provisional). These promotions from AGM to DGM and SDE to AGM will result in creation of another 2100 vacancies in SDE cadre through which the Whole LICE 2012 batch can be covered and vacancies in LDCE shall be increased for future batches.

Same Methodology shall be adopted in Finance Streams also.

We wish to inform all that AIGETOA’s commitment for fulfilling the promises is firm and we shall take all necessary actions to ensure the objectives and issues as promised through our Shapath Patra.