Update on the Proposal for Organizational Transformation :

There shall be a meeting with CMD BSNL on Friday 4.30pm wherein a one to one discussion shall be held on the Purpose, Way Forward, Queries and Suggestions from the association on the proposal for organization transformation.

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All CS/CPs are requested to discuss the provisions within their circles and send the queries/Suggestions to Dy GS Shri Pavan Akhand.

Yesterday, We requested for an informed and interactive session to understand the view points of each other.

AIGETOA extends its thanks to Hon’ble CMD BSNL for accepting the request and PGM SR for arranging the session with Recognized Associations and Unions.

BSNL Work Order (WO) for supply of Consultancy services for Organizational Transformation in Strategic areas of BSNL to become a Leading Brand in Telecom Sector.

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