Update on AO to CAO Court Case Hearing held at Chandigarh on 17th October 2023:

Hearing on AO to CAO Promotions was held at Hon’ble Chandigarh CAT today. Strong arguments took place wherein both the sides presented their arguments. Pleading from the applicants side happened and counter arguments were done by BSNL Senior Advocate. The hearing remains inconclusive today and shall continue tomorrow also. Team AIGETOA was present in the court during the whole proceedings.

We extend our thanks to BSNL management for accepting the AIGETOA request for continuing with the same Senior advocate from the Supreme Court who was earlier presenting the case. In the Last Scheduled Hearing, Senior Counsel Late Shri R D Agarwala was also appointed to present the case but due to his sudden demise, the hearing couldn’t happen. Thereafter, the AIGETOA team pursued Management to continue with the Sr Advocate Shri Chauhan who was representing the case earlier. We expect the conclusive arguments tomorrow and a positive breakthrough so that AO to CAO Promotions can take place immediately. This will also result in execution of Similar number of Promotions from JAO to AO grade as per the formula given by AIGETOA to management earlier.