Update of Team AIGETOA Meeting with Dir HR on 19.12.2023

GS AIGETOA Ravi Shil Verma and All India Convener Shri A A Khan met Shri N. Kalyan Sagar Ji and discussed the following issues:

SDE 2007 Reversal Issue:

The Team apprised Hon’ble Director HR about the recent outcome at Hon’ble CAT Chennai with respect to the OA filed by the applicants in the case of SDE reversal. We informed Director HR that Hon’ble CAT has given the verdict in favour of the applicants and now it’s high time that BSNL extends the much needed relief to these candidates in the form of restoration of their original seniority position. Team also apprised Director HR about the earlier discussions and assurances from management and requested for an early resolution in line with the earlier discussions and assurances. Hon’ble Director (HR) assured to look into the matter and said he will discuss the issue with his team. We requested Director HR to take a holistic consideration of the whole issue.

DPC from SDE to AGM and Finalizing the seniority of the AGMs promoted in 2018:

We informed Director (HR) about the unnecessary delay in conducting the DPCs and LICEs in various cadre. We emphasized that despite issuance of CPC and LICE calendar well in advance, concerned sections dealing with the issue have failed to take action well in time and this must be viewed seriously and the responsibility for this lapse must be fixed. We also told that DPCs must be completed before 31st December 2023 in line with the formula discussed with management earlier and that is the only way out to extend equitable justice for all the eligible SDEs by promoting all of them to AGM grade. We further requested that seniority of the AGMs promoted in 2018 must be finalized now so that they can occupy the DGM posts on permanent basis instead of look after arrangements. This will also ensure the creation of more promotional seats in the AGM cadre which subsequently will create further opportunities in SDE cadre. Director (HR) sought further details in this regard along with all the documents submitted earlier.

Long Stay Transfers :

Issue of Long Stay Transfers were also discussed wherein Team requested Director (HR) to go for need based long stay transfers instead of routine long stay transfers. We also requested director HR to consider the genuine cases of retention and cancellation. Director (HR), though non committal on the long stay routine transfers, assured to consider the genuine cases on case to case basis. We shall be taking up the matter of need based transfers with Hon’ble CMD BSNL also.