Unfortunate incident of Barrack pore (BKP) Division of CTD Kolkata on 19.01.2021:

An unfortunate incident has taken place with one of our colleague at Barrack pore (BKP) Division of CTD Kolkata on 19.01.2021, which has shaken all of us. We strongly condemn the brutal attack on our executive and demand immediate action against the culprits and other suitable measures else the association will be forced to give a call to abstain from field works.

AIGETOA has reached out the CMD and Director (HR) BSNL and requested that if local authorities are not able to control the situation, they should intervene and ensure protection through Central Para military forces as BSNL is a Central PSU. We have apprised that in the absence of suitable confidence building measures and security arrangements, the association shall be constrained to give a call to all the cluster heads to work from home till suitable arrangements are made. It will not be possible to discharge duty in the field units in these life threatening circumstances.

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