OTP Cases of Karnataka Circle Issued with Herculean Efforts of AIGETOA :

Dear Friends from Karnataka,

We know the delay in consideration of your OTP applications has demoralised you all like anything as your family life was getting disturbed out of this.

We sincerely apologise for the delay but we kept on pursuing and finally we managed to clear almost all cases which were received by us.

AIGETOA always believes in impartial approach and accordingly we pressed for taking a policy approach and we hope that members of other associations will also appreciate our approach.

Remember, one of the torch bearers of other association was misguiding all that no transfers will take place. Their so called 2.0 version needs many such upgrades so that Perseverance, Courage and Conviction is developed to resolve the issues instead of telling that issue is impossible.

We request all their office bearers to join under the umbrellas of AIGETOA to learn Perseverance, Commitment and Conviction to resolve the issues.

We extend our sincere gratitude to Director HR and PGM Pers for concluding the things in right perspective.

Best of luck to you all for your assignments at new places.

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