The curious case of SNEA deviating from agreed MOU & backdoor works to derail the resolution of Pay scale issue and JTO to SDE DPC

The curious case of SNEA deviating from agreed MOU & backdoor works to derail the resolution of Pay scale issue and JTO to SDE DPC

Once SNEA decided to part ways with the Forum of Executives Association, an smearing campaign started by most of their over enthusiastic CHQ OBs and Circle OBs despite of AIGETOA magnanimity in keeping silence and respecting the decision of our sister association. However, seeing the current political stunts and updates on their website, we wish to clarify the position with respect to the MoU also and who breached it.

The understanding was that none of the constituents will meet management independently and all the discussions with management will be done jointly only. However, if need is there to meet individually for some particular issue, it will be done only with information to each side in advance along with the issue to be discussed. The Defined Formal Meetings of the respective Associations with management as per REA rules to continue –

While AIGETOA even cancelled its scheduled Agenda Meeting just for the sake of honouring its commitment of not taking individual meetings, at the same time, the other side was busy in its underground work for derailment of already started JTO to SDE DPC process for the reasons better known to them. SNEA met management without informing other constituents and a complaint was submitted to CMD BSNL by GS SNEA citing that the earlier DPC of July, Ongoing DPC as well as publication of AIEL-II, AIEL-III onwards are illegal. As one constituent of Executive Forum was directly stalling the DPC process, management simply dumped the whole process in the name of examining the complaint. Even a proposal which was being sent to Management committee and which could have covered many executives from LICE-2012 batch also got dropped. The whole effort of AIGETOA to make the left out DPC became doomed down and despite our warnings, their Office Bearers tried to derail the exercise even at the last minute.

Somehow AIGETOA brought the derailed DPC exercise again back on track by countering the allegations with logical justifications, perhaps that was also not digestible for them and their office bearers got on job in last minute by involving even some non-related groups. Despite remaining silent for the sake of unity and greater cause of the resolution of issues, we ensured that ongoing exercise do not suffer, but sadly due to all the above stunts of other association, some executives missed the chances of promotion.

When we requested our sister association to accept the offer of management for addressing the stagnation criteria as alternative path of making promotions time bound, they simply refused. However, since we have already lost many years because of our non-presence during formation of BSNL MS RRs (Which was also done in blatant breach of trust with respect to BSNL Recruits) and we didn’t wanted to let management go scot free while reframing the RRs. We even requested for small deferment so that things could be explored at least but that was also not acceptable to our sister association. Even the anticipated resolution of long pending issue of Pay Scale E2 for JTO/JAO/Equivalent cadre was not enough for them. The introduction of fast track promotions up to DGM grade was also not acceptable to them. They only wanted to continue the organisation action program for one single word – CPSU CH which more or less has now become a matter of EGO for one particular person.

From the minutes of the meeting, it is quite evident that management has firmly conveyed their intent to settle the issues in a positive and amicable manner through discussions. It is also very much possible that by sitting across the table and discussing the things, positive resolution of all the issues could have been brought out. Management also shown their positive intent by completing the ongoing DPC Exercise of JTO to SDE promotions and moving on to the process for next batches but perhaps our sister association SNEA had some other plans in mind.

The two constituents ( AIGETOA & AIBSNLEA) in JF were of the clear opinion that the prudent decision will be to postpone and involve into discussions and if management deviates from its assurances, we will directly launch “Delhi Chalo” movement after waiting for 1-2 months but SNEA was adamant and said neither they will postpone nor they will agree for any change in program.

However, the surprising part is that now program is also changed by SNEA and the call is also postponed. Even more surprising is the fact that instead of mentioning implementation of BEPPAR-2018 wef 1-7-2018 as their demand, they are now highlighting time bound promotion which can be easily taken care of through stagnation criteria as alternatively suggested by AIGETOA and agreed by management also. It seems that SNEA didn’t wanted to pursue the same on united platform for the reasons best known to them.

Hence, we leave this to all for deciding, who back tracked, who went against the call of the forum, who is playing politics and who actually should give the justification for their adamant behaviour and also for the lost 3-4 years in the name of the CPSU.