Team AIGETOA meeting with Dir HR and PGM SR:

Team AIGETOA comprising of Shri Veerabhadra Rao AIP, Shri Wasi Ahmad GS, Shri Badri Mehta FS and Shri Vivek Kumar Singh AGS held meeting with Dir HR and PGM SR on 05.07.2022.

The matter of reminder letter for E2-E3 Scale to DoT, AGM Promotion, harassment of Executives and Members by Ludhiana BA Head (Punjab), Opening of deputation was discussed in length. The issuance of the promotion order by the DOP&T in CSS and cadres was brought to the knowledge and copy of order was shared. It was apprised that executives are feeling frustrated and working in extreme anger due to the stalemate created by management for signature of welfare association for executing promotion. The issue of promotion order by the DOPT once again embolden our belief that management is unnecessarily bringing SEWA BSNL in picture on the matter of reservation in promotion . Whatever the guidelines and directions of DoPT available should be implemented and promotion should be executed instead of waiting for certificate from the association. We warned that failure to issue the promotion order soon will create serious turmoil in the organization and hence it must be addressed without further wastage of time. Director HR echoed our concern and assured to look into the matter afresh in the light of the issuance of promotion order by DOPT and he will take up with CMD BSNL.

The reminder letter of E2-E3 to DoT in view of the disagreeing letter by the department of Telecom was also highlighted and demanded to send the letter to reiterate our stand on standard pay scale. Our meeting in DoT last week has asked for such letter. So, we requested to immediately sending of the letter to the DoT. The opening of deputation was also discussed in view of the recent opening in TRAI and the matter of harassment of executives and members of AIGETOA in Ludhiana by the BA head were brought in the notice and details were apprised. It was told that selective targeting of employees by GMTD and using his office for pity politics is highly condemnable and the situation at the station is very pathetic and volatile. So, we requested immediate intervention of the Director HR. A formal letter of complaint on Ludhiana issue was also handed over. We finally reminded that the association will not keep waiting endlessly and if the promotion is not issued, E2-E3 follow up not made to the DoT and management didn’t heed on various HR issues of the employees, the association will be forced to give a call of organizational action after 15-July.

It was assured to us that issues will be looked into and necessary action will be taken for solution. The deputation issue will need further deliberation as a policy matter.