Team AIGETOA Meeting with CMD BSNL on 21.06.2023 :

General Secretary Shri Ravi Shil Verma, All India President Shri G Veerabhadra Rao & National Convenor & Chief Patron of AIGETOA Shri A A Khan met CMD BSNL on 21st June 2023 and extended the gratitude on behalf of AIGETOA for issuance of promotions of 228 JTOs to SDE on 20th June 2023 which is pending for many years.

Thereafter discussions took place on the issue of executing the remaining JTO to SDE promotions by vacating the existing stay at Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh.

CMD BSNL appreciated AIGETOA for getting the clarification orders issued from Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh which paved the way for promotions. We further discussed the various possibilities to vacate the stay and how to get the maximum number of JTOs promoted. We informed CMD BSNL that AIGETOA Team shall again be intervening in the court case at Chandigarh and Himachal to ensure the vacation of stay so that more number of candidates can be promoted. CMD BSNL was categorical in his statement that wherever possible, he is open to issuance of promotions and advised executives to refrain from court cases which only delays the process and doesn’t give any tangible output. We further explained to CMD BSNL on the way forward on how more number of vacancies can be made available in both the Quotas i.e. SCF as well as LDCE Quota. CMD BSNL appreciated the concern raised by AIGETOA and assured that as long as the process is in line with the rules defined and doesn’t disturbs the organisation, he is open to all such ideas to cover maximum promotions.

Thereafter, Team AIGETOA also highlighted the need for extending promotions to SDE to AGM upto List 13 and AGM to DGM Promotions which is resulting into a lot of demotivation. We also apprised CMD BSNL about our discussion with HR team on the way forward to ending the Stalemate in AO to CAO Promotions and AGM to DGM Promotions.

We once again reaffirm our commitment to go to any extent to get the promotions for all the eligible executives in various cadres and streams including the CIVIL, Electrical and CSS wings.

Together We will Achieve Everything.

The only substitute to AIGETOA is even more strong AIGETOA.