Shameless show of their hatred towards set rules and procedures by proclaimed SENA

In another shameless show of their hatred towards set rules and procedures, the proclaimed SENA is saying that rotational transfer should not be implemented and in earlier letter/write up/meeting they want this gap to be filled up by promoted executives. Means they want that those who are stationed at same places since their birth in this department should not move, while those who are relatively much newer should only be moved out. This shows their prejudiced thought process.

AIGETOA as MA is not for any group but it will stand for transparent policies. The policies which were made in the organisation and were forgotten, we stand for reviving that. We stand for transparency and we will support transparency.

Already through OTP transfer policy, major forte of proclaimed SENA by which they used to terrorize new comers has been broken… Many more to come dear proclaimed SENA.. Many more to come… AIGETOA is determined to remove all the dust from the policies which you have thrown into ashes all these years. You don’t want transparency to prevail in the organisation but we are determined for it.

And which agitation you are talking about (Paper Agitation)… Oh Yes!!! We forgot. You are the postponement association. So in your continuing saga of postponed agitations, u will add this also.

And the most interesting part – You do not consider BSNL Recruits as their own..You are saying that all BSNL Recruits are AIGETOA Members. It should act as an eye opener for all the BSNL Recruits who still vouch for you.

And a small Fact check:

As on 1.8.2020 after 20 years of proclaimed SENA running the affairs in BSNL-

The stagnation in JTO Telecom Grade was 20 years….

The Stagnation in SDE cadre- 17 years (PS- Majority of their batch mates are covered leaving only competitive quota and some others in lurch)

The Stagnation in other streams like Civil, Electrical and Architecture – 20-30 years

As on 1.1.2022, after 17 months of AIGETOA being in majority

The stagnation in JTO Telecom Grade is now hardly 7-8 years except very few, which will be reduced further with our continuous efforts. We assure that very soon Stagnation in SDE cadre and other streams shall also be reduced much below.

The proclaimed SENA wasted precious years of all the Executives making them run after something which was never to come. And when CPSU could have come in 2007, SENA never allowed it to come.

Instead of accepting your guilt and accepting the responsibilities for all the mess which you have created in all these years, you are trying to teach AIGETOA a sermon, which actually is most needed for you.

Let us tell you again,

AIGETOA hai- Jhukega nahi.

We will ensure BSNL HR to be so smooth that executives themselves will never let you come in..

Transparent Transfer Policies, much awaited promotions, Rule 8 streamlining, Rule 9 cases transparency, Draconian clauses which you got put in JTO RRs and made the life of new recruits’ hell has already been resolved. Many more such achievements are to follow, just wait and watch.

AIGETOA is here for constructive work for the inclusive welfare of all executives instead of selective favour like you did… We rest assure you to keep on doing such good works and You continue with your rubbish utterances…