Meeting of Team AIGETOA with Hon’ble MoSC Shri Devusinh Chauhan Ji at his Sanchar Bhavan office on 21.09.2023:

Team AIGETOA consisting of Shri Veerabhadra Rao, President AIGETOA, Shri V V S Satyanaranaya, President BTEU, Shri Pavan Akhand Dy GS AIGETOA, Shri Yogendra Kumar AGS AIGETOA, Shri Sunil Gautam AGS AIGETOA met Hon’ble MoSC Shri Devusinh Chauhan Ji at his office at Sanchar Bhavan, New Delhi on dated 21st September 2023 and submitted our Memorandum containing the long pending HR issues of BSNL. Despite his utmost busy schedule as the Parliament Session was midway, the Hon’ble Minister was kind enough to meet us and we extended our gratitude for the same. The team had detailed but precise discussion on the issues mentioned in the memorandum viz settlement of residual issues of 2nd PRC, Pay Loss (22820 and JE Period Pay Loss), E1 plus 5 increments as an interim measure, Extension of 3rd PRC, issues pertaining to Promotions of all eligible executives in various cadres, Allowing the one time option for CCS Pension to those BSNL Executives whose Recruitment Process was notified during DoT Period, Revision of Perks and Allowances and implementing the guidelines w.r.t PWD Executives in BSNL. The team explained the issues in detail and requested the Intervention of Hon’ble Minister in settling out the issues. We also apprised the Hon’ble Minister about the 3rd MV result. We told him that though we respect the mandate of People but at the same time, the role played by the HR group through a series of retrograde orders for creating negativity against AIGETOA is definitely questionable and unfortunate.

On the issues of residual issues of 2nd PRC including Pay Scales, 30 percent SAB and Pay Loss Hon’ble Minister directed his team to seek feedback and direct the concerned departments for action. On issue of 3rd PRC, Hon’ble MoSC assured to look into it. On the Promotions aspects, he was very positive and assured of his intervention. On the issue of OPS, we have been directed to approach DOP&T also and concerned Minister, for which we shall be seeking the appointment in due course. On the issue of PWD Executives, he directed to get the feedback.

A follow up meeting will be held within the next 10- 15 days. We are also trying to Meet Hon’ble MoC in follow up of AIGETOA earlier meeting at Bhopal.

Friends, AIGETOA remains committed for resolution of all issues irrespective and undeterred by the temporary setback. The commitments which we have made are to be fulfilled in totality and we sincerely own that responsibility. We are very sure that with a consistent and perseverant approach, all our issues will see the light of the day. The glimpses of today’s meeting are not available due to protocol issues.