Medical Advance for BSNL Employees To Meet Medical Exigencies in the Pandemic

As pursued and informed earlier by AIGETOA, it is learnt that Finally BSNL CO has agreed for provisioning of funds to Circles for grant of Medical advance to Employees for treatment of Covid. AIGETOA has been consistently pursuing with management for Covid Vaccination and direction to circles for grant of advance to Employees for Indoor Treatment in this Pandemic.

Accordingly, it is learnt that management has agreed to this and shall be issuing funds to circles for immediate grant of medical advances to all such employees to meet medical exigencies. We extend our heartfelt thanks to AIGETOA BSNL CO Team under the guidance of All India President and General Secretary, whose PERSUASION ensured this crucial decision at the time of Pandemic. Yesterday BSNL CO issued instructions to circles for provisioning of free vaccination from BSNL to its employees, which was our demand ever since vaccine has been launched for Covid-19.

AIGETOA extends its thanks to management specially Director HR and Sr GM Admin BSNL CO for realizing the importance of such crucial directions at the time of this pandemic.

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