Dear Friends,

As the schedule agitation of AIGETOA, Lunch Hour Demonstration & Twitter Campaign will be organised 20th July 2022, today.

Schedule for activities as follows :

Lunch Hour Demonstration : 1.30 pm to 2.30 pm

Twitter Campaign : 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm with the following Hashtag.

All BSNL Executives and Employees of BSNL are requested to mobilize each and every one to come out in large numbers and Tweet/Retweet the message in support of non redressal of burning HR issues including Standard Pay Scale E2-E3 & Pay Loss Issues, Non-issuance of Promotion in AGM/CAO Equivalent Grades despite the verdict of Hon’ble Supreme Court, Non notification of SDE/AO Equivalent Grades RR, No headway on Revision in MS RR, Non Settlement of SDE Reversal Issue, Pending Superannuation Benefit (SAB) Quantum &amount, immediate termination of the MT Process and scrapping of MT RR. It’s a failure of management to handle the pending HR issues despite several assurances made in past and we see it as a deliberate attempt to create unrest in the organisation by ignoring Career Progression and Pay Pension related issues with the following Hashtag to raise our voice for Justice. 


Twitter accounts to be tagged: