Inauguration & Unveiling of AIGETOA Calendar 2023 & Updates on Meeting

Team AIGETOA meets CMD BSNL, Member (Services) DoT, all the BSNL board of directors for inauguration and unveiling of AIGETOA 2023 Calendar.

AIGETOA Calendars for the year 2023 was inaugurated and unveiled by Member Services, CMD BSNL, Director HR, Director Finance, Director CM, Director CFA, Director EB, CVO and also the calendar was presented to DoT Dy. Director(PSU).

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On behalf of AIGETOA CHQ, we exchanged greetings with various dignitaries for the new year 2023 and extended thanks to them for sparing their time for inaugurating the new year 2023 AIGETOA calendar.

Further with Member Services, we had detailed discussion on the clearance of pending proposal of E2 and E3 standard pay scales. Member Services assured is of his intervention and a tripartite meeting shall be arranged with BSNL HR grp, DOT representatives and Association representatives. We also requested for clearing the SDE RR proposal also as JTO to SDE promotions are pending for the want of approval from DoT. We once again shared our apprehensions with regard to MSRR proposal by BSNL Board and requested for intervention of DoT in settling the things in right perspective and in the best interest of all.

With CMD and all other directors also, we have conveyed our apprehensions with respect to MSRR and informed him that forceful implementation without taking care of the genuine aspirations and apprehensions of executives will neither be in the interest of BSNL nor executives.

Friends, We have held a series of meetings with all the Directors of BSNL Board and CMD BSNL where in we have shared that current proposal is restricting the career growth of all the executives and every one is in a state of unrest, demotivation and confusion because of the uncertainty associated with the career prospects of all. We had a discussion with respect to stagnation criteria also.

CMD BSNL has assured that there is nothing to remain apprehensive about and drawbacks, if any shall also be looked into in next course of time. He told us to come back for discussion after few days, stating that he remains open for all discussions and is willing to extend consideration of the genuine submissions. Reversal issue, issue of promotions of Left Out JTOs, issue of PWD promotions, introduction of stagnation criteria in SDE to AGM promotions, creation of additional posts for Fast Track Policy etc. are some of the major points on which we need immediate resolution.

AIGETOA Team is on job and shortly we shall be taking the next call. Despite of assurances, now it remains for us to decide on the way forward.

We have to decide our next course, by considering the all aspects and in the best interest of the executives spread across various cadres and streams.

New Year is coming and let us all wish that coming new year 2023 takes care of all our problems pertaining to Pay, Promotion and Pension.