IDA Freezing Case at Hon’ble High Court, Guwahati

The case filed on revoking the freezing of IDA of dated 01.10.2020, 01.01.2021 and 01.04.2021 vide DPE Order dated 19.11.2020 at Hon’ble High Court, Guwahati will come up for hearing today. AIGETOA is intervener in the case filed by NCOA at Hon’ble High Court Guwahati. Although DPE has submitted that the increase has been subsumed in the increased IDA Rate of 170.5% w.e.f 01.07.2021 from the previous freezed rate of 150.9% standing on 01.07.2020. The association is pressing that the lost IDA of the intervening period is a permanent loss and hence the DPE order dated 19.11.2020 should be revoked to revise the IDA of slated period as the situation has improved considerably after Covid and Hon’ble High Court Ernakulam has also directed BSNL to extend the benefits of Dearness Allowance Revision to the Non Executives of BSNL.

The case at Guwahati is listed for today.