Height of Chest Thumping by one Association:

In the recent updates on their website, it seems that SA has lost even the power of visualizing anything. In fact it appears that now they are even unable to comprehend the developments.

The SA after spoiling the Pay and Careers of thousands & thousands of young executives are shedding crocodile tears. In fact they have updated their website without even confirming the outcome of the board meetings. This shows their ignorance and hollowness towards the issues pertaining to young executives. We are surprised that they are blaming MA for silence while the fact is just the opposite. While they are playing gimmicks through a non relevant court order as well as a non serious symbolic protest, AIGETOA is busy in putting their untiring efforts in all directions to bring back the career prospects on right track. If one remembers, when erstwhile MA left office in August-2020, the JTO(T) of even first batch i.e. 2001 recruited in BSNL was stagnating since almost 20 Years but AIGETOA succeeded in breaking the deadlock and ensuring their promotion in SDET Grade despite of SA best efforts to derail it. As of now only JTO(T)s with 7 Years or less residency period (barring few cases) are remaining to be promoted to SDE(T) Grade and we want to assure that their cases will also be settled in coming days. Similar efforts are also on the way for other streams and grades. While they are unreasonably preaching others from a distant end without any interaction with the management, AIGETOA is busy is pursuing for a new HR Policy where each and every executive especially the younger ones can aspire to reach to senior position of GM/CGM in future through a Fast Track Promotion Mechanism, which is under discussion by AIGETOA with the BSNL Management.

We would like to suggest SA that before reporting blatant lies on their website, they should verify and check the facts. As far as actions of AIGETOA are concerned, they should not be worried. The result of our actions shall be visible in next few days. And Yes, we wish to inform that SDE RR has been taken up in the last board meeting and we will update the outcome appropriately once complete details will be available as we are not in a hurry to rush on website for election gains. All we can say now that our voice has reached to the management and they have tried to address the concerns raised by AIGETOA, details shall be updated in due course. However, we once again affirm that AIGETOA will not let loose anything and are fully prepared for any uncalled for moves-either of management or of the support association. Executives should not be perturbed by the unnecessary fear psychosis being created by SA.

We request all the Executives to ignore the untrue updates of the website of SA. They are devoid of facts as well as merits. It is simply clear from the fact that the said association (current SA), derailed the implementation of E2 Scale for JTO/JAO equivalent grades on three distinct occasions i.e. first at the time of inception of BSNL when they agreed for E1A instead of E2, Second at the time of implementation of PRC in BSNL i.e. 2009 when 30% fitment was given to all employees but E2 was not extended to JTO/JAO and E3 for SDE/AO equivalent grades and Thirdly at the time of formation of JTO RR 2014 by mingling with management and inserted E1 for JTO in the Recruitment Rule. Any sensible person can understand that the period was most favourable to get E2 Scale for JTO/JAO but the opportunity was lost by the present SA for acquiring favourable orders for their peers ignoring the BSNL Recruits Cadre, else E2 for JTO/JAO would also be a reality in BSNL since its inception like MTNL……

But our persuasion and struggle through different routes to acquire E2 for JTO/JAO and E3 for SDE/AO Equivalent Grades will continue till we achieve it.