Happy International Women’s Day from AIGETOA!

“Empowered Women Empower others.”

Celebrate Women’s Day with AIGETOA ! We’re proud to have championed improved Child Care Leave (CCL) provisions for women employees in BSNL. This Women’s Day, let’s recognize the importance of policies that support working mothers and foster work-life balance for all employees.

Thanks to AIGETOA’s efforts, key achievements include:

  • Extension of CCL to single male parents, promoting gender equality and acknowledging diverse family structures.
  • Enhanced CCL duration, increased from 135 to 180 days, with a maximum extension to 730 days throughout an employee’s service period.
  • AIGETOA’s fight for Exemption of Women employees in long stay transfer and posting, ensuring fair treatment and support for career growth.

AIGETOA remains steadfast in advocating for a progressive and inclusive workplace within BSNL.

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