Flash News: Update on JTO to SDE Court Case pertaining to the operation of AIEL-3:

The court case for JTO to SDE Promotions pertaining to the operation of AIEL 3 was heard today. The Reply of BSNL has been submitted in both the cases. Intervention application of AIGETOA through its office bearer was also heard and Hon’ble Bench has allowed the intervention application of AIGETOA. Now advocate on behalf of AIGETOA can argue on the merits of the case.

The case is posted on 28th November at 2.30 pm for final arguments. We are very sure, the merit will definitely prevail and whatever way the case goes, AIGETOA will ensure that Promotion happens.

Friends, once again, it is AIGETOA only which is taking efforts to end the stalemate in JTO to SDE promotions. Our similar efforts are on for SDE to AGM Promotions also and AGM to DGM Promotions also. Similarly we are very close to breakthrough on 22820 and E2-E3 Court cases also.

This should also act as an eye opener to those who fell prey to the hollow promises and misguidance of their own brothers who just created a narrative against AIGETOA and encashed upon the sentiments of executives due to endless sufferings which has been meted out to several executive groups by virtue of consistent ignorance of the important HR issues by Management. Till date, we are yet to see any move from those torch bearers towards resolution of the issues while time is slowly tickling away. In fact the high decibel voice raised by those torch bearers across various groups has also gone silent. However it’s their choice, how they act or how they respond but AIGETOA is determined to remove all the roadblocks and end the stalemate on all the long pending issues of PPP. We consider ourselves duty bound to answer those 10,000 plus people who have shown their faith in AIGETOA.

We are very sure that with our consistent persuasion and unmatched perseverance, we will definitely succeed.