Delhi Declaration at G20 Summit Adopts Six Key Points from L20 Summit, Recognizing BMS’s Pivotal Role:

In a significant development for the employees across the globe, today at G20 Summit, Delhi Declaration adopted 6 major points raised by Joint statement in L20 Summit which is being chaired by Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh. This echoes the significance of the voice of BMS which has played the pivotal role in getting these points being adopted by the Apex G20 group of the world. AIGETOA feels pride in its association with BMS as an affiliate association.

Earlier, Shri S Mallesham, All India VP & Sector In-charge (PSU), BMS has written to GS, AIGETOA wishing the association success in the forthcoming MV and assuring their whole hearted support for resolution of various HR issues which persists in BSNL as listed in the memorandum submitted to Hon’ble MoC by AIGETOA.

BMS has extended its firm commitment to AIGETOA for the Resolution of the long Pending HR issues of Pay, Promotions, Pension and 3rd PRC at the highest level and to take up the matters directly with Hon’ble MoC and council of Ministers.

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