Approval of Conducting LICE Exam

Flash News: It is learnt that the approval of conducting LICE exam has been sent from Estt cell of BSNL CO to Recruitment cell. The LICE shall be notified shortly. AIGETOA is in touch with Recruitment Cell for notification of the examinations at the earliest.

This issue was being pursued by AIGETOA for quite long. Finally we have been able to succeed in our pursuance for clearing all the roadblocks in the notification of LICE.

Next LDCE exam for promotion to SDE cadre, DPC for other left outs of 2008 batch and promotions from SDE/AO cadre to AGM/CAO cadre is also being pursued. Slowly and steadily, AIGETOA will be to achieve all the objectives set by us for career progression of the executives from all the grade and streams.

Together We Will Achieve Everything