AIGETOA writes to stop Look After Arrangements in BSNL and issue only Regular Promotion – Immediate initiation to Promote All Eligible SDE(T) to AGM(T) and AO to CAO grade without further delay:

AIGETOA writes to the CMD BSNL for immediate discontinuation of Look After arrangements and issuance of only Regular Promotion in all Grades/Streams. The letter highlights that if reservation applicability is a matter sub judiceas per management, which is stopping the regular promotions in these grades, then Look After Arrangements in AGM/DGM grades should also be stopped immediately as Reservation in Promotion Guidelines are similarly applicable on look after arrangements also. Otherwise, Regular Promotion in AGM/DGM grades should also be issued using the same methodology as being done in case of Look After arrangements.

The matter of AGM(Telecom) Promotion is lingering since long time due to reservation issue as stated by the management and there is no definite time frame for its solution. So, the only gradeas a onetime measure by using combined strength of AGM/DGM in Telecom and meeting shortfall through creation of few more posts and by introduction of stagnation criteria of 8 years in SDE/AO equivalent grades. This will overcome the legal hurdle of reservation in promotion and it will meet the requirement of the department as well as it will motivate these executives to further give their best, which will ultimately result in overall improvement in productivity of the organisation. Merger discussion of BBNL in BSNL is also in advance stage and so the promotion in AGM(T) grade will become very useful for smooth takeover of the vast network of BBNL as well as its monitoring and maintenance. Further this merger of BBNL will require creation of additional number of posts also to take over the operational requirements. So this Promotion in AGM(Telecom) grade will be a win-win situation for both the employees as well as management.

Accordingly, the association demanded immediate discontinuance of Look After arrangements and issuance of only regular promotions across all Grades/Streams. The Association also demanded immediate initiation of activities for promotion of all Eligible SDEs to AGM (T) and AOs to CAO grades to overcome the legal hurdle of reservation and give adequate career progression to BSNL Executives.

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