AIGETOA writes to Director HR for maturing of Rule-8 Cases of GATE JTOs:

AIGETOA taken up the issue of GATE JTOs recruited in Jammu and Kashmir Circle on their appointment to reach back to their home states on account of completion of five years of service in harsh terrain. About 60 GATE JTOs were recruited in the Circle who are about to complete five years period in December’2022. They belong to various parts of the Country and serving in the All India Hard tenure Circle J&K. AIGETOA demanded that GATE JTOs, who are going to complete five years of the service in the harsh terrain circle, should be considered to reach their home Circle under Rule-8 transfer considering difficulties associated with the place bringing it in the ambit of the Hard Tenure Circle.

AIGETOA also demanded that GATE JTOs, who were recruited in some far end Circles should also be allowed to settle in their home states on account of their posting in diversely opposite culture, food, life style etc. causing severe hardships. They should also be considered for return to their Home State under Rule-8 after completion of five year periods to extend respite.

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