AIGETOA writes to BSNL Mgmt for revision of seniority list in line with Hon’ble Kolkata CAT orders – Promoting all eligible SDEs to the grade of AGMs

AIGETOA writes to BSNL Management with regard to the incorrect interpretation of Hon’ble Kolkata CAT orders dated 13.09.2022, subsequently reiterated again vide order dated 11.11.2022 by BSNL & Restoration of Seniority of LDCE-2012 qualified executives wrt VY / ROTA-QUOTA allotment in terms with the Hon’ble Supreme Court Judgement in the matter of K Meghachandra Singh and promoting all eligible SDEs to the AGM grade before moving on to the Amended MSRR regime. Since management has preferred to move ahead to promote Junior Executives as per Rota Quota rule, AIGETOA has requested to promote all eligible SDEs before moving onto ammended MSRR regime to ensure equitable justice for all. The same can be easily accommodated within the ambit of current structure itself and BBNL Merger with BSNL and management must consider promoting all eligible SDEs to the grade of AGMs.

Further the seniority list also must be ammended in line with the Kolkata CAT directions.

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