AIGETOA Meeting with senior officers at DoT, Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi:

Team AIGETOA comprising of GS Shri Wasi Ahmad, AIP Shri R. S. Verma, VP Shri Badri Kumar Mehta, AGS Shri Yogendra Kumar, AGS Shri Sunil Gautam, OS Shri Vivek Kumar Singh and Smt Roopmala Priydarshi met senior functionaries of the DoT at Sanchar Bhawan New Delhi. The meeting held in different span including Smt Anita Praveen Add Sec(T), Shri P. K. Sinha Member(Fin), Shri B. K. Member (Services), Ms Anshuli Arya Administrator (USOF), Shri Sanjeev Gupta DDG (PM), Shri Shahnwaz Alam DDG and other officers of the DoT, Sanchar Bahwan on two days (3rd and 5th Feb, 2021) and a range of subject related to BSNL viability, 4G rollout, clearance of pending amount by USOF to BSNL, Standard Scale E2-E3, 3rd PRC was raised by the association and discussed in detail.

In the meeting, Member (Fin) raised his concern over slow progress in other arms of revival package and emphasize faster rollout of 4G, renting out of vacant space and land monetization to gather more revenue to improve financial health of the company. We raised our concern and requested for requisite support from DoT for sustainability and clear roadmap for revival of BSNL. He assured that the DoT is committed to extend all support within the frameworks but asked us to find the ways to improve the system within BSNL also and raise it to the management. We apprised how young executives, who joined the department after 01.01.2007 is still suffering with the loss of pay, whereas standard pay scale proposal of E2 and E3 is still pending at DoT. The 3rd PRC didn’t implemented in BSNL on the reason of non-profitability clause whereas BSNL is being asked to implement 4G rollout with certain condition. The proposed condition is commercially non-viable option in compare to other TSPs rollout and it is also delaying full-fledged rollout of 4G, which will ultimately result in the loss to the employees in terms of delay in Salary and non-extension of PRC and other monetary benefits. He acknowledged our concerns and explained position of the DoT and the government and suggested various measures.

The meeting with Additional Secretary(T) and Member(Services) also held but the matter were discussed in brief due to their prior engagement. The AST advised us to have a detailed discussion with Joint Secretary (A) and after precipitated talk, the matter may be taken up at her level for final decision. The association will be pursuing with the Joint Sec (A) with detailed agenda points in the coming days especially for E2-E3 and 3rd PRC implementation.

The meeting with Administrator (USOF) held on the matter of the pending amount to be reimbursed by USOF to BSNL. We apprised matter in detail in line with our letter of Jan-2021, which was accepted by her and assured that she will direct the concerned official to settle it earliest. Thereafter the team met with Shri Shahnwaz Alam DDG in this regard and explained the matter of Rural Wi Fi Hotspot and its claim raised by BSNL, which is pending for payment. Smt Roopmala Priyadarshi accompanied in the meeting and explained the subject matter in detail. The DDG gave a patience hearing and assured positively.

The meeting with DDG(PM) also held in detail and discussion carried out on 4G rollout by BSNL. It was apprised to us that 4G rollout has to be implemented through PoC route, whose formal order is expected to be given in March, 2021. In a recently concluded pre-bid meeting after floating of EoI, many potential bidders have participated and some of them have come forward to implement 4G in the PoC Model under the lead of System Integrator (SI). The association highlighted that in the absence of 4G, the BSNL Revival Program is not going to succeed, which is evident from the fact that the organization is still stagnant in terms of the earning even after completion of one year of the VRS, whereas other TSPs have increased their revenue by 15-20% in the same period. The association highlighted that every delay is causing serious effect on health of the organization and ultimately employees are suffering. The employees are not getting salary on time and delay of three weeks are persisting since long time and other remuneration are also at its bottom. The Promotional avenues are completely stuck up and the filed constraints are also very high. The look after arrangements for higher responsibilities are continuing since years together in spite of sufficient number of vacancies and availability of candidates. This has left the executives completely devastated and their resentment are growing with each passing day. The DDG(PM) gave a patience hearing and explained all aspects in detail.

Association also tried to meet Hon’ble Secretary (T) and requested for appointment which couldn’t be granted immediately on account of his busy schedule especially due to ongoing parliament session. The association will try to meet the honorable secretary very soon to apprise him about the hardship being faced by us due to no progressive growth of the organization, delayed salary, pay loss and stagnation in the career and we will request to intervene in the matter.

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