AIGETOA Meeting with Director HR on 18-April’ 22 on AGM/CAO Promotion, JAO Retention, Group Health Insurance Policy BSNL MS RR and SDE Reversal Matter:

AIGETOA had a detailed meeting with Director HR on 18-April’ 2022 on the matter of AGM/CAO Promotion, JAO Retention, Group Health Insurance Policy BSNL MS RR and SDE Reversal Matter. Shri Wasi Ahmad GS AIGETOA along with Shri Badri Kumar Mehta FS and Shri Vivek Kumar AGS had a detailed discussion with Director HR on following issues :

AGM/CAO Promotion:

The association demanded for immediate start of the process for promotion in AGM/CAO equivalent grades in view of the instructions issued by the DoPT. It was emphasized that after the clearance of the DoPT, the hurdle has been removed and it is utmost essential to issue the promotion as the unrest is growing severely among the executives. Team also demanded to expedite the process for all vacancies as on date as discussed earlier by one time diversion. It is very much essential to fulfill the requirement of officers in the grade in view of the inclusion of complete operation of BBNL. The Director HR apprised that they are equally concerned for it and holding meeting on the matter to explore all possibilities to carry out the promotion. The association also demanded to issue promotion in CAO grade by issuing suitable relaxation and other equivalent grades in view of the recent order.

SDE Reversal Issue:

This issue was raised to him and reminded that it was assured to resolved the matter by April. But despite of passage of three weeks, the physical movement of the matter is not visible. Director HR assured for the resolution as per commitment.

JAO under Rule-9 Retention:

The association taken up the matter of extension for the JAOs, whose order has been issued for relieving from the current Circle. The association highlighted that when the management is taking so lenient view on the matter of longest stay transfer. Even after releasing of 26 years stay particular, the order has not been issued till date despite of availability of the rule under BSNL Transfer Policy. But these JAOs are being forced to go back to their Parent Circle in just three years on the pretext of Rule-9. We strongly objected such discrimination and demanded their retention. The Director HR assured to look into the matter for retention.

Group Health Insurance Policy:

The association highlighted that the Medical is a state subject and BSNL should pay the premium. We suggested to make the group health policy as an alternative for BSNL MRS Indoor. The Director HR told that currently we are taking efforts to improve the BSNL MRS Policy and the GHI is an added optional facility. The management do not consider it fine to replace the GHI with BSNL MRS and so the employees may opt group health insurance policy as an added facility on voluntary basis. He apprised that BSNL is also trying to improve the functioning of BSNL MRS, whose effect will be visible.

BSNL MS RR Discussion:

Director HR apprised that the management is very keen to bring revised BSNL MS RR at the earliest and discussion will be held with the association. The association will be called for discussion soon in the matter by PGM Pers. He once again apprised the intentions of the management to start Fast Track Promotion avenues in the revised draft.

Meeting ended on positive note.

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