AIGETOA CEC held on 18th-19th October, 2021 through online mode:

The Central Executive Committee Meet and Election of New Central Collegiums of AIGETOA was held through online mode on 18th & 19th October, 2021. The meeting was called as per provisions and compliances of the constitution and to deliberate the current status of issues, organizational matters and for the Constitution/Election of New Central Collegiums of AIGETOA in line with the notification issued vide letter number GS/AIGETOA/2021/114 dated 13.09.2021 by General Secretary AIGETOA CHQ, New Delhi. All India Presidents, Shri Ravi Shil Verma presided over the meeting and the General Secretary, Shri Wasi Ahmad placed Agenda Items, Status and Roadmap for the HR Issues of Executives, Development Issues of BSNL and Organizational Matters of AIGETOA in the Meeting. The Returning Officer Shri Sailesh Yadav and Asst Returning Officer Shri Gaurav Garg completed the Election Process of Central Collegiums’ on 19th October, 2021. Brief of the discussion is as follows:

1) Constitution of the New Central Collegiums for the next three years tenure:

According to the decision of CEC held on 2nd and 3rd August 2021, Shri Sailesh Yadav and Shri Gaurav Garg were appointed as Returning Officer & Asst Returning Officer respectively for the Constitution/Election of New Central Collegiums of AIGETOA. As per the notification issued by GS AIGETOA, vide GS/AIGETOA/2021/114 dated 13.09.2021, the collegiums election was completed in accordance with the laid down provisions and details of nomination received from the Circle and after observing all formalities the final Central Collegiums’ of AIGETOA for next three years tenure was announced by the Returning Officer on 19th October, 2021. The Final Strength of the AIGETOA Central Collegiums’ is 158 represents all Circles of AIGETOA, whose list is already uploaded on the website (

2) CEC deliberation on the proposed programs All Unions and Association of BSNL (AUAB):

An internal meeting of AUAB also held on 18th October in online mode at 18:00 Hrs to assess the status after its meeting held with CMD and functional Board of Directors on 6th Oct, 2021. The matter with respect to the Twitter Campaign and other program was discussed in the CEC meeting of AIGETOA and Circle Secretaries and Circle Presidents. The status on various issues were informed to them in unambiguous manner and their view was also sought. It was unanimously felt that since there is an appreciable and visible progress on 4G issue as well as other viability related issues and further discussion on all HR issues are also open, it may not be prudent to enter into such action in haste. All were of the view that dialogue and discussion mode should be given preference as of now instead of extreme step of twitter campaign. If all routes fail then only we should continue with the programs. Accordingly, GS AIGETOA conveyed the feeling to the constituents of AUAB in the meeting and suggested to give dialogue more space instead of initiating the withheld program immediately. A fresh discussion should be held with the management to get their view on all issues and concrete resolution.

We sincerely hope the views of AIGETOA will be respected and all stake holders including the Management and AUAB will try to explore the options through mutual dialogues to find a concrete solution, which are the best way to move forward as of now. However it is reiterated that if dialogue and discussion route fails, we should not hesitate in starting organizational programs but any hurried approach should be avoided in the best interest of the organisation as well as cadre.

3) Deliberation on various HR and Organizational issues:

All HR issues including restructuring and promotional avenues were discussed in detailed and status on the issues was appraised to the house. The house raised serious concern over the extreme delay in settling various HR issue, which are raising anguish and frustration in the cadre with each passing day. The deliberation about ongoing restructuring activity and stand of AIGETOA and future action plan of AIGETOA was discussed. The association will continue its deliberation with management and all stake holders to protect the promotional avenues of the executives and oppose any reduction of promotional post. The association understanding with SEWA, SNEA and AIBSNLEA was discussed to work jointly for the welfare of the cadre. Time Bound Promotion Policy passed by the Board and pending at DoT was also discussed and efforts taken till date about its feasibility and implementation came in detailed discussion. The apprehension of SEWA about the policy due non availability of the reservation provision was also discussed and their stand to oppose any policy which undermines the constitutional rights also came under discussion. AIGETOA has categorically assured that we will always go by the laws and stands with the provisions available through constitution. Further deliberation will continue with all stake holders on the matter. A detailed update about the HR issues will be shared through minutes of the CEC.

4) Deliberation on 4G and other development issues of the BSNL:

A detailed deliberation was held on the 4G, Cluster Bottlenecks, FTTH, Long Distance Media, Backbone Network, Battery Power Plant, Fund for urgent Maintenance, Procurement of OFC, Pending Payments of housekeep and other vendors and long clearance of the approved advance. The matter of posting of regular CGMs and BA Heads also figured under discussion. A detailed update about the these issues will be shared through minutes of the CEC.

5) Discussion on the Annual General Meet cum all India Conference of AIGETOA:

The Joint Secretaries of the different zones have been requested to submit their report by 31st October regarding venues for the all India conference by the Circles interested to hold the conference with all relevant details. After receiving the reports by the Joint Secretaries, the central Governing Body will take a decision in this regard.

6) Printing of calendar for the year 2021:

The house unanimously approved the proposal for the printing of calendar for the year 2022. Accordingly one Committee of following members has been constituted to finalize the Theme and Design of the Calendar 2022 by 5th November, 2021. The calendars will be printed centrally at Bhubaneswar, Odisha Circle and house authorized Shri D K Sahoo AGS AIGETOA/CHQ monitor the activity. The Team is comprised of the following:

  • Shri Pavan Akhand
  • Shri Sunil Gautam
  • Shri Anup Mukharjee
  • Shri Trinath Nagella
  • Shri Reyaz Ahmad ITPC
  • Shri Sachin Rawalkar

Calendar will be printed centrally at Bhubaneswar, Odisha Circle and house authorized Shri D K Sahoo AGS AIGETOA/CHQ monitor the activity from CHQ.

6) Regular maintenance of AIGETOA Society office:

The New Office of the Society at Faridabad, Haryana has been selected and Faridabad AIGETOA District Body Team has been authorized to look after day to day maintenance works of the Society office.

The Two Days meeting ended with vote of thanks by Shri Deepak Sahoo ji AGS. The complete details of the meeting will be shared through minutes of the meeting.