AIGETOA apprised Dir(EB) about apprehension of field units for Tender of BBNL:

BSNL has been entrusted with the work of O&M by DoT, Govt of India and accordingly floated the tender for the same. But it is apprehended by employees in the field that, some places the Tender may be awarded to our core competitor in FTTH business, who are called Competitor Maintenance Agency (CMA). If it happens, then same CMA will become agency for maintaining of BharatNet Phase-1 Network (existing OFC from OLTE location to FPOI and BBNL Incremental OFC from FPOI to GP), who also provides FTTH connections of his company in the same operational area, which will lead to conflict of business interest. Accordingly, AIGETOA requested for scrutiny of the tender on the line to protect the interest of BSNL.

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