AIGETOA Appeal to Members of SEWA & Others

Dear Friends,

We are in receipt of lot of queries from members of our sister association SEWA with respect to our stand on their recent MoU with the sister association. Friends, our sincere submission is that these MoUs, MVs are only matter of time and finally we all aspire for the resolution of our issues. It remains the duty of each and every executive to ensure that the issues remain in safe and competent hands and the reins should be handed over to the person most suitable for the job.

We once again firmly reaffirm our commitment to safeguard the constitutional rights of our fellow SC/ST brothers & sisters. In our tenure as majority association, the major dispute with regard to Own merit-On Merit was settled and we firmly supported the guidelines of DoP&T and after getting clarification from DoP&T on the issue, we took all efforts to get the same implemented in BSNL and we were successful in resolving the decade old dispute of reservation in promotions in line with the Supreme Court Directions and DoP&T guidelines. We also took the efforts for filling up the backlog vacancies and many of the supplementary DPCs were conducted during our tenure to fill up the backlog. It was our endeavour to get the roster up to date and we succeeded in doing that also. Further, we got e-Roster also implemented in BSNL which will ensure a transparent and ready roster availability for all. We are further very happy to inform that we have been able to establish a strong bond with all members at ground level and we sincerely believe that each and every member is aware of our efforts and will take their decision wisely in the upcoming MV process.

We respect the decision of SEWA CHQ to align with our sister association in coming MV. Though, there have been many incidences where the sister association or its leadership at various level has been found to be on the opposite side as far as issues related to SC/ST executives have been concerned. However, since it is always the prerogative of one association to take its own decision, we extend our good wishes to them. We once again reiterate our stand that we will always stand with all our SC/ST members at all levels CHQ, Circle as well as District irrespective of anything.

AIGETOA has been taking care and will always take care of SC/ST WELFARE and their Constitutional Rights. We request and appeal each and every member to evaluate the ground works done by the respective associations while exercising their votes. In democracy, the right to vote is the biggest treasure for all the participating individuals and we all remain dutybound to ensure that our votes are utilised in the best interest of Cadre. Hence, we once again appeal all to vote in favour of honesty, integrity, sincerity, commitment, conviction and capacity to resolve the issues. We request all to vote for AIGETOA.

Together We Will Definitely Achieve Everything.