AIGETOA : Advocating Fairness and Transparency in Transfers

Dear Esteemed BSNL Executives,

Standing Against Misinformation

In recent times, certain associations have chosen to spread misinformation about AIGETOA and the longest stay transfer policy being implemented by BSNL. However, let’s set the record straight. AIGETOA firmly believes in transparency and fairness, unlike some associations that seem to be running “Transfer Shops.”

Recognizing the Positive Impact

These associations have even praised the transfer policy to the management, recognizing its positive impact. Unfortunately, their intentions appear to be driven by personal interests, as they have been offering alluring promises of retention, cancellations, and modifications to entice executives.

AIGETOA’s Proactive Approach

AIGETOA stands against such false assurances. We want to emphasize that the management’s motive behind these transfers was to address the shortage in certain circles only. Instead of taking a comprehensive approach, specific association leaders sought uniformity in transfers for all circles, even extending their influence to the courts.

Legal Compulsions leads to Mass transfers

As a result, BSNL had to commit in court to implementing the transfer policy diligently, leading to transfers from shortage circles like Karnataka, J&K, and Gujarat, including for our lady officers.

AIGETOA’s Innovative Solutions

Contrary to this, AIGETOA took a proactive stance. We provided executives under transfer with an OTP window, allowing them to choose their preferred circle. Additionally, we are working on easing the challenges faced by our lady employees, aiming to provide them with relaxation similar to Child Care Leaves and for those above 50 years.

Transparency in Action

Our commitment to transparency shines through in the transparent OTP policy, a result of AIGETOA’s dedicated efforts. We have ensured that the request transfers applied through OTP are published by BSNL and Circle offices.

AIGETOA’s Vision for the Future

What truly sets us apart is our policy-driven approach. While some association leaders may have resolved specific cases only for few, AIGETOA’s leaders have focused on demanding policy changes that benefit all. We’re advocating for displaced executives to return to their parent places within 2-3 years, along with the retention of quarters and families.

Vote for AIGETOA @3: Your Voice for Fairness

In the end, let’s remember that Transfer Posting isn’t a mere shop for profit. AIGETOA is committed to ensuring the best for all executives, safeguarding their interests, and upholding the principles of transparency and fairness. Join us in our pursuit of a brighter future for BSNL executives. Your vote for AIGETOA @3 is a vote for fairness and transparency in transfers. Together, we can make a positive impact and stand up for what’s right.