AGM (T) Promotion and MSRR Modification

After the receipt of some clarification from the DoPT, the HR group and higher management are holding continuous discussions on the subject but final course has not been decided yet. Team AIGETOA has met GM Pers on 23.08.2022 and enquired about the development on the issue and OTP Cases. It was informed that OTP cases will be taken up in next month. On the AGM(T) Promotion, it was apprised that one meeting has been held at senior most level in the management but some concern remained to be addressed and pers cell is working on the same. He assured that it will be resolved very soon to move ahead on the promotion. Association told that an inordinate delay has already happened in the matter and the department should expedite the process and take a firm decision and move ahead on the promotion. It was assured that the process of AGM Promotion will be started very soon after taking one last round meeting on the subject. We are hopeful that management will keep its words and issue the promotion soon. AIGETOA is consistently monitoring the process and is committed to ensure that promotions are issued very soon.

MSRR revision was also discussed with the various authorities associated with the matter. It was apprised to us that one meeting at the level of CMD/Dir HR has been held last week and major points have been discussed. Further meeting will be held for some more left out points and thereafter a draft will be prepared to share and discuss with the association. We pressed for early engagement of the association for discussion on the MSRR draft and incorporation of the executives aspirations in the upcoming revision in the policy to en-place a proper management succession plan and grooming of young talents to reach the higher echelons in BSNL.

We have once again categorically vouched for incorporation of stagnation criteria and fast track promotional methodology to make meritorious people reach to the highest level. It is noted that our submissions and deliberations from time to time has been taken in positive earnest by management and they are considering to incorporate our suggestions in the proposed draft despite opposition from legacy mindset groups. We once again reaffirm our commitment to ensure a best HR mechanism for all in the forthcoming changes MSRRs.