Updates on AIGETOA Meeting with CMD BSNL

Today Team AIGETOA consisting of Shri Ravi Shil Verma, GS Shri Wasi Ahmad and FS Shri B K Mehta met CMD BSNL today i.e. 21.04.2022 and discussed the following issues:

Status on SDE to AGM promotions and further course thereof:

Association side emphasized that with DoPT endorsing the Ho’nble Supreme Court Judgement, there is no hurdle in promotions and based on the DoPT instructions, the exercise for SDE to AGM promotions should immediately be completed and DPC should be done without any further delay. CMD BSNL appreciated our concern and told that his team is working on the same and next week they will be holding a meeting at DOPT also so that there should not remain any disconnect. Association side emphasized that there is clarity in order and hence the preparatory work should be completed immediately so that there is no delay in holding the DPC.

Further association once again emphasized to CMD BSNL that as assured by him earlier, the diversion of remaining 450 posts from external MT Quota should also be done, so that the complete 4500 posts remains for DPC. CMD BSNL told that presently we are focusing on the way forward towards the Promotion so that no legal lacuna remains. He is aware of the assurances made and all necessary action will be taken to ensure the benefit of the maximum, once the methodology to be adopted in promotion after discussion at DoPT is finalized. He also emphasized that he is not averse to the promotion and the recent SDE order is the example.

He also said that all stake holders including SEWA shall be taken on board before executing DPC, so that there remains no legal complexity in future. We said we will also try to get in touch with all the stake holders so that a consensus can be developed on the most important issue of reservation which has withheld promotions for so long

MS RR draft and Fast Track Promotional methodology

Association told that it was assured to us that final draft will be shared to us by April 30th. CMD BSNL told that his team is working on the same and very soon discussion will be initiated with AIGETOA on new MS RRs and Fast Track Promotion Policy. We once again requested for 8 years stagnation criteria in SDE cadre for promotion to AGM to be incorporated in the draft.

AO to CAO promotions

We requested to grant relaxation of 15 days in case of AOs and execute the promotions. CMD BSNL assured to examine once some clarity is reached on way forward.

Scrapping of MT RRs

We requested CMD BSNL for his intervention as assured to us earlier for scrapping of MT RRs as the new Fast Track Policy which has potential to take executives to highest level is under consideration. CMD BSNL told that his HR team will examine all the things and then a suitable decision shall be taken.

Notification of LDCE for JTO to SDEs and LICE for JE to JTOs

We said that despite several assurances, notification has not been issued yet. We requested him for directing Recruitment cell for immediate notification as now with DoPT letter, there are no showstoppers any more. CMD BSNL assured that he will ensure that LICE for JE to JTO is notified in this week itself only followed by LDCE for JTO to SDE. We thanked CMD BSNL for the same.

Standard Pay Scales of E2 for JTO/JAO/Equivalent

We once again requested CMD BSNL for his intervention with DoT. CMD BSNL assured to take up the same at highest level once he gets some appropriate opportunity to address the same.

Balance SAB Payment

We requested for ensuring the up-to-date balance payment. CMD assured that matter is under consideration and suitable action is being taken.