Calling for eligibility particulars of JTO batches upto 2012 RY

As per the discussions held with AIGETOA and the assurance given, BSNL CO has issued the letter calling for eligibility particulars of further JTO batches upto 2012 RY.

Click here for the letter

All the Executives are requested to not to pay heed to rumours and confusion tactics. Some persons are trying to derail the whole process and trying to provoke others to file court cases to stall the whole promotion process. Today people are remembering everything but forgetting to implement the same when promotions were being done in June 2018. At that time, despite list being available, the ST quota list was not filled up as they contained BSNL Recruits and now they are objecting even on preparation of AIEL.

Now when AIGETOA is trying to bring things in line, they have again started their confusion songs.

All are requested to not to get influenced with provocations of such persons. Time will show them their real worth.

AIGETOA CHQ has decided not to respond to any such provocations either on website or in persons. We are determined to concentrate on our job. Every body knows who stopped the promotions both in SDE cadre as well as DE and CAO cadres.

Our firm endeavour is to bring other promotions including SDE to DE, AO to CAO and DE to DGM also in line and give a befitting reply to such mischief mongers by actions and not by words.

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