GS-AIGETOA writes to the CMD for delay in salary:

GS-AIGETOA writes the CMD BSNL for delay in disbursement of the salary for the
month of April, 2020 again in this pandemic situation creating severe hardships
to the employees. The payment of medical and other expenses are already due from
long time and delay in salary is further aggravating the problems to the

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GS writes to CMD BSNL regarding strict implementations of
safety measures announced by the Government of India and BSNL Corporate Office
for preventing the spread of COVID-19 and ensure strict disciplinary actions
against officers found to be flouting & ignoring such norms. Initiation of
provision of Rs 10 Lakhs compensation to the dependant of deceased employees
from COVID-19 along with Insurance coverage of Rs 50 Lakh in line with Medical &
Postal staff.

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Update on AIGETOA CHQ meeting held on 06/05/2020: CHQ meeting could not take place for long due to COVID 19 outbreak & Lock down in India since 22nd March 2020, and also considering present scenario it will not be possible for the next three months to conduct regular CHQ/CEC meeting. Hence it was decided to conduct meetings through available online video conferencing app till situation becomes normal. As per the constitution of AIGETOA, CHQ meeting was held on 06/05/2020 through online app in the chairmanship of All India President Shri Ravi Shil Verma, Shri B Laxman  and almost all the CHQ members were participated in the meeting. GS AIGETOA Shri Wasi Ahmad updated the participant about the status of all the pending issues and then discussion held on further course of action for the settlement of these pending issues as per the agenda meeting held with DIR HR on 24/25th Feb 2020 taking into account present COVID-19 pandemic in India.

Summary of discussion held with Director HR on major pending issues:

1) JTO to SDE Promotion through DPC /LDCE: GS discussed the matter with Director HR on phone and highlighted severe resentment among the executives for non issuance of promotion of JTO to SDE. The Director HR told GS about the developments which has happened in line with our 24-Feb meeting but also told that the issue couldn’t move to conclusive end due to Covid-19. GS raised the serious concern on delay and requested to immediately restart the works where it was left before lockdown. The Director assured to direct Personal Section to resume the left out works pending as per discussions so that the process of DPC could be realised. GS highlighted that the LDCE notification is also pending despite instructions by the director to do so. Director HR assured for earliest necessary action in this regard.

2) SDE reversion case: GS raised the matter strongly with the Director and remind him about our last meeting discussion. It was decided in the meeting to settle it as a one time measure but still the order is awaited to this affect. The Director HR informed that works are going in the same line and he assured to get it done by the end of current month. The GS also apprised about hardships faced by the those got reverted as well as those issued notices without their fault. It’s extreme
injustice to these officers who are being suffering due to high handness of the
department since more than a decade of legitimate promotion. He requested the
Director to instruct the section to ensure adherence of the time line and ensure
its final resolution in this month.

3) Preparation of List 9:  Team will pursue to initiate the process for the Preparation of List 9 as per discussion held with DIR HR.

4) Promotion in SDE to AGM cadre and AO to CAO cadre: Also effort will be given to expedite promotion process in the other cadre ie JAO to AO, AO to CAO, SDE to DE/AGM cadre. GS has categorically stated that any drastic reduction in the name of restructuring will result in stagnation of all cadres and will be strongly opposed by association. GS also told that AIGETOA will take all efforts to end the stalemate w.r.t on merit and own merit issue so that a win win situation for all occur. GS said that now it?? high time that pending promotions of all eligible executives may be given in all cadres. CHQ team reviewed the status of the issues and decided to pursue the issues with a fixed time line of three months. As it is not possible at present for GS and other CHQ office bearer to travel to BSNL HQ New Delhi, it was unanimously decided that CHQ team available at BSNL CO will act in full force to expedite the persuasion process in the guidance of All India President for the settlement of long pending HR issues as per agenda meeting held with DIR HR on 24/25th Feb 2020. It was also decided that All India President Shri Ravi Shil Verma and AGS Shri Yogendra Kumar is authorised to pursue the issues and meet/communicate with the management on behalf of GS during this period and a formal communication shall be made to management in this regard.

5) CHQ team also reviewed the status of other important issues like Standard pay scale /Pay Loss issues/ 30 percent SAB etc. : For Standard Pay Scale issue, CHQ will reinitiate the discussion with DoT and press for early resolution. With regard to Pay Loss issue, the court case filed by AIGETOA members will be pursued along with simultaneous negotiations with management in this regard. For rule 8 and pending transfer cases, discussions  have been held and the same shall be pursued with.

6) Activity for the CS/CP:Circle Secretaries are requested to submit bank statement, expenditure voucher for the FY 2019-2020 to FS CHQ AIGETOA latest by 31st May 2020 to complete the CHQ audit process as per the time schedule. As it is not possible to conduct regular circle or district meeting as per the constitution of the association, Circle Secretaries are requested conduct meeting through available online video conferencing app.

7) Opening of Membership Window & Notification of MV: Management illegally extended facility twice to those associations whose tenure already completed long back without conduction of MV. CHQ already conveyed its resentment to CMD/DIR HR regarding illegal facility extension and also served letter to start agitational program, which could not be executed due to COVID 19 outbreak in India. Hence CHQ team decided that, AIGETOA will rigorously pursue with CMD/DIR HR for the immediate opening of membership window, notification for conduction of MV without any further facility extension. It was decided that pending issues as stated above will be pursued with management in a time-bound manner and if at any point of time, it is felt that things are not moving expeditiously, we will immediately start organisational action program. Hence CS/CP are requested to arrange/conduct meeting through online app and make themselves ready for protest against management in case things are not settled as per the commitment given by DIR HR.


The Cat is Out of Bag Now – The Proclaimed SENA Derailment Starts  The Cat is out of bag now and designs are clear cut and open as is evident from the recent update of the so called messiah association who leaves no stone unturned whenever there is a positive breakthrough on the issues. When the goal is in reach, this derailment sena comes forward and tries to derail the issue. However, while doing so, they have exposed themselves. The association which was playing a never ending rhetoric on their platform that it is the activists of AIGETOA who have withhold the promotions by filing court cases are now shamelessly writing that even if the Ernakullam Court Case is resolved, promotions can not be offered due to reservation issue.

SO HERE COMES THE CATCH. THIS PROCLAIMED SENA WILL NOT ALLOW BSNL RECRUITS TO BE PROMOTED AT ANY COST. AND NOW THE SECOND LIEUTENANT HAS ALSO JOINED THEM IN THEIR DESIGNS. THE SECOND LIEUTENANT WHO WAS SO AVERSE TO COMING WITH PROCLAIMED SENA FOR PAY SCALE RESOLUTION UNDER SINGLE UMBRELLA OF JOINT FORUM THAT THEY DID NOT EVEN HESITATED IN BREAKING THE ALLIANCE WITH AIGETOA ON WHICH THEY RODE TO BECOME SUPPORT ASSOCIATION. NOW TO GET A GRAB ON MORE DGM PROMOTIONS and DENY BRs THEIR RIGHTS, THEY HAVE JOINED HANDS and are into malicious designs full throttle. It is clear cut now – who is derailing the things. Last few months due to AIGETOA consistent efforts to find a solution for holding the JTO to SDE promotions, we succeeded in convincing management with our solutions and things have moved to conclusive level and the JTO to SDE promotion is clearly within the reach. GS AIGETOA had a detailed discussion over the issues with Director HR twice in last one week and  Director HR has clearly stated that he is taking all efforts to ensure the promotions happens very soon and things have been initiated in line with the discussions held with AIGETOA in the ganda meeting. Things got unfortunately slowed down due to COVID-19 pandemic. But now the HR wing is all set to reinitiate the activities with regard to various issues.

Having come to know about the developments and possible breakthrough, the so called messiahs became apprehensive and again started their derailment techniques by singing the CPSU Hierarchy song again and making management apprehensive about non existent reservation issue.

However, in their long long updates, they forget to mention the actual status of the so called half cooked policy. They forgot to tell that CPSU hierarchy proposal has been sent to DoT some one year back for  the opinion on the reservation issue and has not moved an inch thereafter. It is quite surprising that when in JTO to SDE promotions DPC, where there is no issue of on merit or own merit (BEING FIRST PROMOTION OF THESE EXECUTIVES), they are linking it to reservation, while the CPSU hierarchy which is struck up due to reservation issue, they are saying that reservation is not at all an issue. Those singing and dancing to the tunes and rhetoric’s of these messiahs may file an RTI on whole thing and take actual status and should realise now that this derailment SENA along with the second lieutenant has only one aim, don’t allow BRs to take any promotions.  Similarly, the progress is clearly visible on other issues like SDE to AGM promotions as sufficient vacancies are available in AGM Cadre to accommodate all the list 8 and list 9 candidates, but these messiahs are again derailing the whole thing. They are going to management and telling to resolve the reservation
issue which actually is a no issue at all and can easily be settled with mutual discussions amongst the parties ( AIGETOA has already started discussions with
various groups on this and we firmly believe we will convince all to sit across and find a win win solution for all). With regard to preparation of list 9, action has been initiated as per discussions held with AIGETOA in agenda meeting. 
Similar is the case with SDE reversal issue, when the things are being lined up for a positive resolution, they are going to management and confusing them with their inputs. Director HR has assured AIGETOA Leadership that management is going to resolve the issue without any further delay, but these people are going to management and creating confusion with their absurd inputs.
However we assure all the executives facing reversal and show cause notices, that we are on the road to solution and very soon we will ensure the resolution.

Friends, while writing this, we are very much clear that AIGETOA is for the
promotions and we would like to make it amply clear that if the so called
messiahs are so much serious on CPSU Hierarchy, they should inform us what they have done so far to get it implemented except for filing a court case which holds no meaning and is likely to be dismissed. In fact that court case was another attempt to derail all promotions as the intent of that case was to complicate the existing policy. We all know, that CPSU Hierarchy was half cooked and at the time of discussions AIGETOA tried to bring it at par and acceptable to all. But in their quest for stopping BRs to get promoted, they allowed CPSU
hierarchy to be formulated in half cooked form which had an inherent danger of stopping all promotions for ever. This is the reason, we want to get all eligible executives to be promoted without any experiments and in the existing policy itself. It is for all of us to understand the real designs of these messiahs. 
Their only aim is DGM Regular Promotions and they can compromise to any extent to achieve this as we have already seen with their consistent changes in the stand which is quite amply captured on their website. They have already proved this by surrendering to management in the form of MT Recruitment etc.

These Rainy Seasons frogs start singing their song, when ever we are about to reach to a destination. But this time, we assure them that nothing can stop Promotions from becoming a reality now not even their evil manipulations and confusions. We are prepared to fail their malicious designs and we are prepared to expose them like we did in their malicious EPF court case campaign. While we were ready with our organisational action plan also but due to COVID EMERGENCY SITUATION, we postponed these programs. We know that stomachs of Messiahs are full and now they trying to grab the extra pie as desert in the form of seeking relaxation for Regular DGM promotions residency period. This is their only agenda and they want all of us to stagnate in our respective cadres.
However, stating above, AIGETOA considers it as our duty to ensure promotions
for all BSNL Recruits along with resolution of all pending issues and we will take all efforts to achieve this.


During this Covid-19 situation, AIGETOA Telangana Circle Extends its helping hands to BSNL’s Casual/Temporary Workers: The value of life does not depend on your possession, but on your donation. It’s a well known fact that the payment towards the contract labour, sweepers and scavengers were not released from very long time. In addition to this, the COVID-19 Lock down made their lives more miserable and are facing tough situations to get their bread and butter. We should not forget the services of these workers which were important in maintaining BSNL services in the field and offices. Hence, AIGETOA Telangana chapter decided to extend the possible helping hand to these workers.

AIGETOA under the leadership of Chairman Shri B. Laxman, Shri Ravishil Verma AIP, Shri Wasi Ahmed GS, Shri Madhava Rao AGS, Shridhar Babu JS South, Shri R. Karunakar CP Telangana, Shri Veerabhadra Rao CS Telangana, Shri D. Munibabu CFS, Shri R. Venkataiah CHQ Advisor, CWCs, CECs, Dy. CS, ACSs, CVPs, DPS, DSs, DFSs, DECs in the CEC held on 22-04-2020 in zoom meeting, AIGETOA Telangana decided to extend the possible help to needy workers of BSNL as many are affected due to ongoing Corona pandemic situation. According to call given by Telangana Circle, Warangal, Nalgonda, Sangareddy, Khammam SSAs, Circle Office, RTTC, Cellone Units (circle office unit contributed irrespective of unions and associations) have actively responded and distributed daily essentials to the needy casual /contract workers in the banner of AIGETOA. On behalf of AIGETOA CHQ, we congratulate whole Circle, SSA & UNITs teams and the members & non-members who have initiated and responded in short time and proved humanity is always a great pleasure, and kindness is our language.

We also extend our Special thanks to Shri V. Sundar, CGM TS Circle, Shri P. Seetharama Raju, PGM SGD, Shri K V N Rao, PGM, Shri G. Ramesh Adl. GM for their personal involvement & motivation and also all the administrative officers &
their teams.

These types of acts prove that AIGETOA is not only for welfare of BRs but also acts swiftly during the needy situations required for the BSNL and the society. Long Live BSNL, Long Live AIGETOA.
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GS-AIGETOA writes to the CMD on ambiguity of the establishment letter and reorganization of sanctioned strength of executives’ grades:

GS-AIGETOA writes to the CMD BSNL regarding severe resentment among executives due to the ambiguity in the letter issued by the Estt Cell, CO New Delhi for collection of the post VRS data from Circle. The letter content is reproduced here for reference:

Information Sought by Establishment Cell, CO New Delhi on dtd 21.04.2020
from Circles
S.No Grade/Post (a) Sanctioned Strength as on 31.01.2020 (b) Pre-VRS Working Strength (c) Post Working Strength as 01.02.20202 (d) Number of VRS Optees (e) Excess Sanctioned Strength as on date (b-d)

He emphasize that the content of the letter i.e. last columns wording is misleading
and gives an impression that all excess post may be abolished which is neither in line with VRS Policy nor in the interest of executive fraternity and hence clarification should be issued. GS also presented the figure of executive’s strength in various grades of Telecom and Finance as detailed below:

Grade Working Strength VRS Optee Vacant Position
Telecom Stream
DGM Equivalent 187 188 1294
AGM Equivalent 1703 3373 7601
SDE Equivalent 7553 3832 14038
JTO Equivalent 14722 1838 22886
Finance Stream
DGM Equivalent 33 202 429
CAO Equivalent 69 239 1278
AO Equivalent 2062 1897 3063
JAO Equivalent 2393 176 4310

*The above are approximate figure as on 01.02.2020

The figure shows that sufficient number of vacancies exits in various grades and hence he demanded promotion for all who have completed the residency period in the preceding grade. He emphasized that if promotion is executed with today vacancies position, JTO upto 2013-14 will get promoted, SDEs upto list-9 will get promoted and all JAO/AO, who have completed residency period will get promoted (even then vacancy will remain available in finance wing).

The VRS has given an opportunity to the management to offer the executives a satisfactory career progression at least in remaining period and let them to work more aggressively towards the company to realize the dream of the government, employees and public to bring back the glorious days for BSNL once again.
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GS-AIGETOA spoken to the Director (HR) on 30.04.2020 for the outstanding issues:General Secretary AIGETOA spoken to the Director (HR) and discussed about the pending issues which has been left behind due to the lockdown imposed by the government in view of the pandemic of COVID-19. The GS emphasize about the discussion and decision reached in 24 Feb-2020 meeting, which has not yielded any result so far even after agreement on many points and some advancement in that direction. It was apprised that our people are putting their best to maintain the essential service of telecom even in the life threatening condition of COVID-19 but the department is not giving due care to their rights and issues. The SDE reversion, JTO-SDE DPC and others are briefly discussed with the Dir(HR) after extending him warm wished for his additional charge of Dir(EB). It was apprised to him that how our reverted SDEs are feeling humiliated due to their posting under juniors in the Circle against all odds and requested for his urgent intervention for their reinstatement as SDE. Similarly, JTOs are completely frustrated due to endless wait for their first promotion while they are not leaving any stone unturned for the best prospects of BSNL and people of country in this pandemic situation.

He agreed with the hardships being faced and said that things couldn’t move forward due to lockdown but assured to look into them from next week as discussed in the last meeting held on 24.02.2020.

Later our CHQ team comprising of Shri Badri Mehta VP, Shri Yogendra Kumar AGS-HQ, Shri Sunil Gautam AGS and Shri Rajeev Meena CS-Delhi met to the DGM(Pers) and discussed on various issues including JTO to SDE DPC and asses its progress Here, we just want to apprised the management that our people have not shy away from maintaining the optimum network and services even in this pandemic of COVID-19 and hence it’s the responsibility of the management to seriously look into to resolve their outstanding issues in a time bound manner and take a pledge on this “MAY DAY” to extend all due rights and ensure justice to these executives working in this organization.