The Cat is Out of Bag Now – The Proclaimed SENA Derailment Starts  The Cat is out of bag now and designs are clear cut and open as is evident from the recent update of the so called messiah association who leaves no stone unturned whenever there is a positive breakthrough on the issues. When the goal is in reach, this derailment sena comes forward and tries to derail the issue. However, while doing so, they have exposed themselves. The association which was playing a never ending rhetoric on their platform that it is the activists of AIGETOA who have withhold the promotions by filing court cases are now shamelessly writing that even if the Ernakullam Court Case is resolved, promotions can not be offered due to reservation issue.

SO HERE COMES THE CATCH. THIS PROCLAIMED SENA WILL NOT ALLOW BSNL RECRUITS TO BE PROMOTED AT ANY COST. AND NOW THE SECOND LIEUTENANT HAS ALSO JOINED THEM IN THEIR DESIGNS. THE SECOND LIEUTENANT WHO WAS SO AVERSE TO COMING WITH PROCLAIMED SENA FOR PAY SCALE RESOLUTION UNDER SINGLE UMBRELLA OF JOINT FORUM THAT THEY DID NOT EVEN HESITATED IN BREAKING THE ALLIANCE WITH AIGETOA ON WHICH THEY RODE TO BECOME SUPPORT ASSOCIATION. NOW TO GET A GRAB ON MORE DGM PROMOTIONS and DENY BRs THEIR RIGHTS, THEY HAVE JOINED HANDS and are into malicious designs full throttle. It is clear cut now – who is derailing the things. Last few months due to AIGETOA consistent efforts to find a solution for holding the JTO to SDE promotions, we succeeded in convincing management with our solutions and things have moved to conclusive level and the JTO to SDE promotion is clearly within the reach. GS AIGETOA had a detailed discussion over the issues with Director HR twice in last one week and  Director HR has clearly stated that he is taking all efforts to ensure the promotions happens very soon and things have been initiated in line with the discussions held with AIGETOA in the ganda meeting. Things got unfortunately slowed down due to COVID-19 pandemic. But now the HR wing is all set to reinitiate the activities with regard to various issues.

Having come to know about the developments and possible breakthrough, the so called messiahs became apprehensive and again started their derailment techniques by singing the CPSU Hierarchy song again and making management apprehensive about non existent reservation issue.

However, in their long long updates, they forget to mention the actual status of the so called half cooked policy. They forgot to tell that CPSU hierarchy proposal has been sent to DoT some one year back for  the opinion on the reservation issue and has not moved an inch thereafter. It is quite surprising that when in JTO to SDE promotions DPC, where there is no issue of on merit or own merit (BEING FIRST PROMOTION OF THESE EXECUTIVES), they are linking it to reservation, while the CPSU hierarchy which is struck up due to reservation issue, they are saying that reservation is not at all an issue. Those singing and dancing to the tunes and rhetoric’s of these messiahs may file an RTI on whole thing and take actual status and should realise now that this derailment SENA along with the second lieutenant has only one aim, don’t allow BRs to take any promotions.  Similarly, the progress is clearly visible on other issues like SDE to AGM promotions as sufficient vacancies are available in AGM Cadre to accommodate all the list 8 and list 9 candidates, but these messiahs are again derailing the whole thing. They are going to management and telling to resolve the reservation
issue which actually is a no issue at all and can easily be settled with mutual discussions amongst the parties ( AIGETOA has already started discussions with
various groups on this and we firmly believe we will convince all to sit across and find a win win solution for all). With regard to preparation of list 9, action has been initiated as per discussions held with AIGETOA in agenda meeting. 
Similar is the case with SDE reversal issue, when the things are being lined up for a positive resolution, they are going to management and confusing them with their inputs. Director HR has assured AIGETOA Leadership that management is going to resolve the issue without any further delay, but these people are going to management and creating confusion with their absurd inputs.
However we assure all the executives facing reversal and show cause notices, that we are on the road to solution and very soon we will ensure the resolution.

Friends, while writing this, we are very much clear that AIGETOA is for the
promotions and we would like to make it amply clear that if the so called
messiahs are so much serious on CPSU Hierarchy, they should inform us what they have done so far to get it implemented except for filing a court case which holds no meaning and is likely to be dismissed. In fact that court case was another attempt to derail all promotions as the intent of that case was to complicate the existing policy. We all know, that CPSU Hierarchy was half cooked and at the time of discussions AIGETOA tried to bring it at par and acceptable to all. But in their quest for stopping BRs to get promoted, they allowed CPSU
hierarchy to be formulated in half cooked form which had an inherent danger of stopping all promotions for ever. This is the reason, we want to get all eligible executives to be promoted without any experiments and in the existing policy itself. It is for all of us to understand the real designs of these messiahs. 
Their only aim is DGM Regular Promotions and they can compromise to any extent to achieve this as we have already seen with their consistent changes in the stand which is quite amply captured on their website. They have already proved this by surrendering to management in the form of MT Recruitment etc.

These Rainy Seasons frogs start singing their song, when ever we are about to reach to a destination. But this time, we assure them that nothing can stop Promotions from becoming a reality now not even their evil manipulations and confusions. We are prepared to fail their malicious designs and we are prepared to expose them like we did in their malicious EPF court case campaign. While we were ready with our organisational action plan also but due to COVID EMERGENCY SITUATION, we postponed these programs. We know that stomachs of Messiahs are full and now they trying to grab the extra pie as desert in the form of seeking relaxation for Regular DGM promotions residency period. This is their only agenda and they want all of us to stagnate in our respective cadres.
However, stating above, AIGETOA considers it as our duty to ensure promotions
for all BSNL Recruits along with resolution of all pending issues and we will take all efforts to achieve this.

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