Updates on Meeting of Team AIGETOA with Director HR :

Team AIGETOA comprising of AIC Sh Ravishil Verma, GS Sh Pavan Akhand, AGS Sh Yogendra Kumar & AGS Sh Sunil Gautam met Dir HR on 19.01.2023 discussed issues related to OTP request transfers, modifications of Hard and Soft tenure stations for Uttarakhand and Karnataka Circles, left out JTO to SDE promotion, SDE reversal issue, left out all eligible SDE to AGM promotions, Syllabus and Pattern for examination.

On OTP request transfer, it was informed that Director HR has directed Personnel Section to process the request transfer cases and the cases shall be considered based on feasibility, merit of the requests and administrative requirements. There was a reluctance on the part of Director HR with respect to consideration of the request cases from Karnataka Circle. However, after our insistence, he agreed to consider cases from Karnataka also. It is expected that orders may be issued within one week.

It was discussed that all AGMs (those who already applied OTP request) who has been promoted in recent SDE to AGM will have to apply fresh OTP in AGM cadre by cancelling the old OTP request. Further, we requested for consideration of request transfer cases of SDEs wanting the transfer to Hard Tenure stations against the waiting list of JTOs wanting to move out from these circles through Rule 8. This way both the waiting list for Rule 8 as well as waiting list for SDEs for hard tenure will be cleared.

Further, we also requested to consider seeking volunteers for posting at deficit circles from all the cadres so that executives from long stay list can accommodate themselves against such circles voluntarily. Director HR assured to consider our suggestions in this regard.

On the issue of declaration of Hard Tenure Stations of Uttarakhand, Gujarat and Soft tenure Stations for Karnataka and few other places, It was informed that matter is under active consideration, discussions have taken place and order is expected in the last week of January 2023.

On Left out JTO to SDE, way out to promote 104 executive is under consideration and they will be promoted soon.

On SDE Reversal issue, it was informed by Director HR that issue is under active consideration. Association demanded to immediately settle the issue without any further delay. Director HR appreciated our concern.

On PWD issue, clarity will be there once Hon’ble PCAT decides the issue. However, the seats have been kept reserved for them.

Promotion for left out SDE to AGM all eligible: The issue was once again discussed at length and we shared once again the complete road map to achieve the objective. We shared the vacancy calculations and necessary steps, how stagnation criteria can be inserted by discussion with all stake holders and how objections of other stake holders can be taken care of was also discussed. We also highlighted that the Manpower Plan devised for BharatNet project is not as per the operational norms approved by BSNL Board and the same needs a correction with more number of SDEs, AGMs and DGMs post be deployed for the purpose. Further we emphasized that there is need for exclusive manpower deployment for 4G saturation project also. By this way enough posts can be created and there shall be a smooth path for not only these executives who are currently eligible but it will create a path for future SDEs also. Though, Director HR was positive on the issue but any final decision shall be taken only after discussions with CMD BSNL. We have shared the agenda points on this issue to Hon’ble CMD BSNL and his time slot for the aforesaid discussion is awaited.

We also discussed on the Syllabus and Pattern for examination. We suggested that the syllabus should be designed in such a way that it assesses the executives based on their competence, management skills and leadership qualities instead of testing the bookish knowledge. Director HR appreciated our view and told that committee formed for the purpose shall take the inputs from AIGETOA before moving forward on anything.

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