Updates of AIGETOA Meeting held with Director (HR) on 30.09.2022 and subsequent meetings in DoT and BSNL at various levels upto 07.10.2022

As per the AIGETOA Meeting held with Director (HR) on 30.09.2022 and subsequent meetings in DoT and BSNL at various levels upto 07.10.2022, following is the current status of the issues:

AGM Promotion:

The AGM Promotion has been withheld due to stay by the Kolkata CAT granted on 13.09.2022. Although the earlier stay by the Jabalpur bench on 29.08.2022 has been vacated but the new stay by Kolkata is not allowing the promotion to happen. Some direction for clearing only list-8 was obtained by few executives from Kolkata bench but this is not accepted by the management citing the previous order and reservation issue. Meeting upto CMD level happened along with Dir HR/CLO but the deadlock is continuing. The efforts are continuing to break the deadlock of promotion.

Seniority Issue:

Association has taken a firm stand to revise the SDE Seniority List 9-13 in line with the direction of the Kolkata CAT dated 13.09.2022 as per DoPT OM dated 13.08.2021. Detailed arguments happened in this regard on 30.09.2022 and subsequently also but still some adamancy is being shown by the management. The direction of the Hon’ble court is clear and association pursuance is continuing in this direction. Further, association has firmly intimated the management that MT will not be allowed and association will take all necessary steps to check it.

AO to CAO Promotion:

The matter has been discussed with the Dir HR and requested to initiate the process as 1st Jan is reaching close. Dir HR has agreed with it and direction in this regard has been given to start the preparatory exercise for AO to CAO Promotion.

SDE RR Notification and left out JTO Promotion:

The matter has been taken up by the association as well as by Dir HR with Secretary DoT and it is expected that DoT will send its clearance by this week and then SDE RR will be notified. Once the RR is notified, all efforts will be taken to release the promotion of left out 2K8 JTOs within a fortnight.

E2-E3 Scale:

The case has been taken up with Member Services and other officers and multiple meetings has been held in this regard to reopen the case at DoT. All requisite letter and documentations have been shared to the DoT and some ray of hope has been generated. Although CMD BSNL is not enthusiastic on the issue but we are using the route of the DoT for the settlement of the case. Further details can’t be shared in view of premature stage.

Pay Loss issue of 22820:

One meeting with GS, FS and AGS2 has been held with PGM Establishment in this regard on 07.10.2022 as per direction of the Dir HR. The meeting lasted for one and half hours and various important points have been deliberated with arguments/counter arguments. In the meeting some acceptance for the loss has been echoed by the PGM Estab but it is not in totality and delay factor has also been raised. It has been agreed that the association will further raise the points formally with the committee formed for the purpose. The details will be updated to the Director HR also.

MS RR Draft:

It has intimated that initial discussion has been done within the management and association may be called in 3rd week of October to initiate the discussion before framing the draft of the MS RR. This includes fast track mechanism in AGM/DGM grades.

Restructuring in view of BBNL:

Association has taken up the matter with the Dir HR/PGM Restg and it has been told that care will be taken to incorporate the points raised by the association for the review of restructuring. Some submission has already been made in the meeting which was acknowledged by Dir HR also.

SDE Reversal Issue:

Meeting of the association will be arranged with new committee formed for the purpose. In the deliberation it was told by the management to settle the case by keeping these SDEs in 2006-07 which was out rightly rejected by the association and firmly told to not change the position from 2005-06 at any cost.

GTI/DRF Implementation:

A direction has been given by the CMD/Dir HR to the PGM Estab to work out the provision to extend the insurance coverage (about 20 Lakh) to BSNL Employees by the department by paying through GSLIS Scheme. Estab Cell is working on this issue.

Hard Tenure and Soft Tenure:

Uttarakhand demand for conversion of Hard Tenure and Karnataka soft tenure has been accepted by the Dir HR and Pers Cell has been asked to work out the modalities to place the proposal in management committee.

Hard Tenure Circle Exemption for long stay:

The matter has been discussed and in principle it has been agreed that executive of hard tenure stations should be protected through some mechanism to save from the longest transfer or benefits should be extended. Pers Cell has been asked to work over it.

GATE JTO Transfer from hard tenure Circle:

It has been discussed and idea has been accepted by Dir HR but it will be further deliberated within the management before decision.

Allotment of Quarter to the association at Delhi:

The policy for quarter allotment has been withheld on account of ongoing election of the non executive, which is going to over by 14th Oct’2022. Hence it will be released after 14th and thereafter the allotment will be made.

Sabbatical Leave:

Management has agreed to start giving the Sabbatical Leave to its employees as demanded by the association and policy in this regard will be framed and notified soon.

IMPS and Online Attendance System:

The matter has been raised by the association strictly citing various issues and limitation in the field units and this will become a tool for harassment. It was reverted to us that it’s a new practice and sufficient time will be given to get acquaintance with IPMS system. All necessary supports will be provided in the field in coming six months to equip the officers to work smoothly and no vindictive action will be allowed. As far as the online attendance limitations are raised, they will be looked into and addressed.

Retention Cases of OBs:

The retention cases taken by the association for OBs transferred during JTO to SDE Promotion has been accepted and issued comprising of Punjab, Rajasthan, ALTTC and Telangana.