Update on GTI for JTO Trainees undergoing field training at various circles:

Today Team AIGETOA met Director HR and requested to consider the recently promoted JTOs undergoing field training at various circles for covering in GTI Policy.

Director HR immediately considered our request and directed the concerned section to do the needful.

Earlier we have discussed with LIC representatives also and requested them to consider these newly promoted executives also for GTI.

We sincerely hope that the JTOs currently undergoing training will also be considered for the GTI.

Further, we wish to inform that CHQ is in consistent pursuance with management to ensure the mechanism to be in place for ensuring sufficient financial cover from management side to the dependent family in case any untimely demise of any employee occurs. We are very sure management will agree to our demand of creating a death relief fund very soon.

On behalf of executives, we extend our sincere thanks to our Director HR for considering our request and issuing the necessary instructions quickly on GTI to our newly promoted executives (Recently trained LICE JTOs).