Update on court case on AO to CAO Promotions:

The court case on AO to CAO promotions is listed for today at SL No. 41, 43. AIGETOA Team consisting FS CHQ Shri Badri Kumar Mehta, Joint Secretary (North) Shri Amit Roy, CS AIGETOA Punjab Shri Yogesh Chhabra and FS AIGETOA Punjab Shri Vineet Bhandari shall be present in court on behalf of AIGETOA. Case has been exclusively listed at 2:30 pm today and is likely to be decided. We have also ensured that things remain in ready mode from BSNL Side to issue the promotions immediately without any delay. Senior counsel from Hon’ble Supreme Court shall be attending the hearing on behalf of BSNL.

Let’s all pray that today case is decided and we can see the long awaited promotions in AO to CAO grade can take place which will open up the path for JAO to AO promotions also.