Team AIGETOA MH Meeting with Director(HR)

On 3rd Feb, 2023, Team AIGETOA Nagpur lead by Shri Ashish Jain (CP MH), Shri Sandeep Shende (DP Nagpur), Shri Praveen Kamble (DS Nagpur), Shri Vijay Modak (DT Nagpur), Shri Prafull Yenorkar ADS and Shri Rajesh Kadbe VP CNTX-Nagpur met Director HR on his visit to Nagpur BA.

Team welcomed Director HR on his visit to Nagpur BA and held a prolonged in-depth discussion with him on the following issues:

Superannuation Benefits, SAB :

Team expressed our deep concern over inadequate initiation on our SAB issues. Team apprised him of the insecurity being felt among BRs i.r.o. terminal benefits.

Director HR opined that although there has been infusion of funds from Government of India but that cannot be diverted for SAB since it is to be invested for rolling out 4G & other new services. Thus it may 2-3 years to solve this issue fully as per AIGETOA demand.

Shri Ashish Jain opined that the concerns of BRs regarding SAB should not be overlooked since it pertains to the financial welfare of dependents. Shri Sandeep Shende pointed out that the Management should look holistically over the SAB issues and stepwise actions should be initiated in that direction to win the confidence of BRs.

Director HR noted these issues and assured that necessary corrective measures will be initiated.

Increase in Medical entitlement amount in BSNLMRS :

Presently the funds allotted for BSNLMRS entitlement is for 15 days of Basic + DA. We objected that such insufficient allocation of funds may be raised to 23-25 days which will enable the executives to meet the financial expenses arising out of treatment of aged parents & dependents.

Director HR appreciated our initiative in this regard and made a note of it and assured that this matter will be resolved soon.

General Term Insurance & Group Health Insurance:

We apprised Director HR that since the financial condition of BSNL is improving gradually, the Mgmt. should bear the expenses for GTI & GHI premium of employees. We reminded him that welfare measures for employees is the responsibility of the organization which they should look into.

Director HR held constructive views on this idea and stated that he empathizes the concern of AIGETOA and will do needful for this.

Post Recruitment Medical Benefits, PRMB :

The PRMB issues were also raised during the discussion. We held that the PRMB benefits should be constructive and in tune with the time, since the BRs would be financially embarrassed if SAB, pension and other post retirement issues aren’t addresses. Thus PRMB if expanded will lessen the burden of employees.

Director HR noted this issue and said he’ll study the need and necessity of PRMB and hold talks with us then. He made a note of all the genuine issues raised by us and assured that positive and constructive outcome will surely be arrived soon.

We expressed our gratitude to him for patient listening and positive attitude for resolution of genuine demands of BRs.

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