Team AIGETOA Meeting with Sr GM (Admin), GM(Restructuring), GM(S&M) and SR Cell Team on 31-08-2020:

CHQ Team of AIGETOA met different authorities in BSNL Corporate Office to discuss various issues.

A detailed meeting was held with GM(Restructuring) about proposed restructuring and strength in various grades. It is understood that management is contemplating to reduce the post drastically in various grades on the recommendations of the Deloitte Committee and apparently in concurrence of earlier representative association as only they have attended restructuring meeting. But we have registered our protest and conveyed that any reduction in Promotional Posts which hamper the career progression of the Executives will not be accepted. We are looking forward to have a detailed discussion with CMD BSNL on this aspects. However seeing the issuance of three policy related letters in two days is giving us the impression that management is in a tearing hurry to execute their agenda which appears to completely biased against the interest of BSNL executives and hence we request all to be ready for any consequent action program by our association to protect the interests of the executives. We can not remain mute to such one-sided approach of management.

Team also met GM(S&M) and took up the issue of leakage of revenue through PRBT/Bundled VAS services to vendors which is earned by BSNL specially through prime vouchers.

The Team shall be meeting PGM Pers and Director HR tomorrow on Promotion,Seniority List and Reversal Matter. It is understood that meeting of the committee looking into the matter of SDE reversal cases has met yesterday. The detailed outcome shall be uploaded after discussions with authorities.

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