Team AIGETOA Meeting with PGM (Pers), BSNL CO New Delhi:

Team AIGETOA CHQ team consisting of AIP Shri Ravi Shil Verma, GS Shri Wasi Ahmad, AGSs Shri Sunil Gautam and Shri Yogendra Kumar met PGM Pers and held discussion on following issues:

1. Status of Jabalpur CAT Judgment: We apprised PGM Pers about the current position of the case and sought further course of action. PGM Pers told that since decision is expected shortly, there is no point in reaching to higher court as it may further delay the things. As far as the preparedness of BSNL is concerned, they have completed all the preparatory exercises and as soon as go ahead, is received from Hon’ble Court, BSNL is fully prepared to issue the promotion orders. We however requested him to direct the BSNL Counsel to mention the judgment pronouncing at the tribunal, so that it can be further expedited.

2. List 9 finalization: We discussed the issue that list 9 (for VY 2006-07) which was published in August, 2020 is still provisional while the provisional list 10 for 2007-08 has also not been published yet. We further told that some executives, whose VY needs to be upgraded has also not been done yet. PGM Pers told that the list will be finalized in this month itself. We further told that there should not be any second thoughts on applicability of VY based seniority in the lists and any deviation from the agreed line will be opposed strongly. PGM Pers told, before finalizing anything, matter shall be discussed with association and no unilateral decision shall be taken. Once list 9 is finalized, list 10 shall be published.

3. Promotions from SDE to AGM and AO to CAO: We requested to initiate the preparatory exercise for the same and necessary approvals which needs to be taken to start the process. PGM Pers told that this needs to be discussed at higher level to achieve clarity in the process. Accordingly association shall be discussing the same with CMD BSNL and Director HR on the same.

4. SDE 2007 Reversal issue: PGM Pers assured to initiate the discussion on the same expeditiously for a full and final settlement of the whole issue.

5. Pending Transfer Cases in Accounts and Finance Cadre: We once again highlighted the continued delay on this and requested to issue these orders. PGM Pers said matter is under discussion and he hopes for an early consideration of the requests.

All the above matters shall be discussed once again with Director HR and CMD BSNL in meeting to be held this week.

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