Team AIGETOA Meeting with PGM Estt and GM Admin on 22.09.2022:

Team AIGETOA comprising of Shri Wasi Ahmad GS, Shri Vivek Kumar Singh AG, and Shri Badri Kumar Mehta FS held detailed meeting with PGM Estt regarding changing of committee member in the pay loss 22820/- committee and requested for holding the formal meeting with AIGETOA on the pay loss issues. It was apprised that the committee was formed in the July 2021 but only single internal meeting of the committee has been held so far. Further, the committee has not given an opportunity to the recognized Association AIGETOA to represent the matter on the pay loss issue to the committee so far. Since Chairman of the committee, Shri R.K. Goyal has got transferred to NTR as CGM hence we requested PGM Estt to incorporate current GM Pers in the pay loss committee. PGM Estt listened patiently and assured to revert back after speaking to Dir HR.

The creation of another SAB account for the left out 260 officers has been discussed in detailed. PGM Estt said the details from the LIC has come to BSNL and same shall be reverted back soon and the new account for the SAB shall become operational soon and the remaining officers shall be able to check the SAB amount in their LIC portal and SAB account shall be visible on pay slip.

Team AIGETOA comprising of Shri Wasi Ahmad GS, Shri Vivek Kumar Singh AGs, and Shri Badri Kumar Mehta FS held detailed meeting GM Admin to expedite the start of DRF (Death Relief Fund Scheme)/ GTI by the BSNL Management. The above matter was earlier raised strongly in front of CMD BSNL and full BSNL Board and informed management about the recent demises of BSNL Recruited employees and endless suffering of such families in absence. We apprised how they are totally collapsed with meager support of Rs 3500 to Rs 4500 a month by including both SAB Fund and EPS Scheme. It is happening basically due delayed start of the SAB Pension Fund by BSNL w.e.f. 2016 with very less percentage or just 3%, which is now raised to only 5%. The delayed start with less percentage has accumulated insufficient fund in the SAB Pension maintained by LIC and any eventuality coming as a serious financial blow to the families. It was agreed by CMD BSNL that a mechanism will be in placed to support the families in case of demise of the employee through DRF/GTI of suitable amount. We reminded GM Admin to expedite issue and start dialogue with the association to in place the mechanism at the earliest.

GM Admin listen our view patiently and shows concern on the matter and suffering of the families due to no DRF scheme and assured to take concurrence with Dir HR/CMD BSNL to expedite it further.