Team AIGETOA Meeting with GM(Restructuring):

Shri Ravi Shil Verma AIP, Shri Wasi Ahmad GS and Shri Badri Kumar Mehta VP met GM(Restg) BSNL Corporate Office New Delhi and discussed the ongoing restructuring works in detail. The detailed discussion happened about the ongoing restructuring of various vertical levels and cadre structure. The association presented the view points on both aspects and it was emphasized that the cadre restructuring should be carried in such a way that the career progression of the executives shouldn’t be hampered. It was appraised that the promotional avenues should be kept intact to bring motivation among executives to give their best for the organization in this tough scenario, where all constraints are being faced by them in field units. It was further explained that the role of executives have been further enhanced due to change working pattern and bringing of SLA based maintenance as well as provisioning by outside agencies. It was requested by the association that the exercise is abnormally delayed and continued lingering on of this exercise is leading to huge level of uncertainty and frustration in the minds of all executives. We further requested for immediately initiating the formal discussion with AIGETOA to streamline and finalise the process. We categorically emphasized that any further delay is not acceptable to this association and restructuring should be completed at the earliest now. GM Restg told that he will apprise the views to higher management also. He further told that discussion in this regard has been on. He told that Establishment section has been asked to give input on the cadre strength. He further told that AIGETOA view points with respect to the BA Restructuring has been taken into consideration while processing the amendments to the structure. He said management is open to all suggestions to keep the career prospects intact. It is further learnt that view points given by AIGETOA with respect to cadre strength and promotional Avenues during varous meetings with CMD/Director HR has been given due weightage and some change is there with respect to initial thought process of keeping the posts to be a bare minimum. Now things are getting improved but still it is not as per satisfaction level of executives. AIGETOA is keeping due track of this exercise and any dent to our future prospects shall be strongly opposed. The restructuring issues shall be further taken up in the meeting with Director HR this week.

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