Team AIGETOA meeting with Dir(Fin), Board of Director at New Delhi

Shri Wasi Ahmad GS, Shri Badri Kumar Mehta FS, Shri Vivek Singh AGS, Shri Sunil Gautam AGS and Shri Laxminarayan CP KTK Circle met with Smt Yogana Das Director(Fin) on the issue of standard Pay Scale, AGM Promotion and Stay reconsideration of JAO repatriation.

Standard Scale E2-E3:

Detailed discussion was held on Standard Scale E2 to all JTO/JAO and E3 to SDE/AO Equivalent grades. General Secretary given a detail presentation of the standard pay scale issue and the loss being faced by young executive due to E1 (with initial basic as 16400/- only), while three different initial basics are existing in BSNL for JTO/JAO Grades. It was also informed that due to pay anomaly executive in feeder cadre highly demotivated at field level which is affecting individual performance as well as resulting in churning out of new officer. The Director (Finance) listened carefully and agreed with the concern of the association. She apprised that the issue is long pending at DoT and efforts shall be made for the resolution.

SAB Contribution:

Team AIGETOA expressed deep concern over non deposit of full SAB amount and up to date the fund, Dir(Fin) informed that approx 55 Cr was deposited as SAB in the month of March and further approx 22 Cr payment is under way. She appraised that management is keenly working to make it up to date in near future. GS demanded for immediate payment of all outstanding of SAB Pension Fund and regularize on monthly basis, so that the recurring loss should not be incurred by Employees. Director Finance agreed with our concern and assured to meet it shortly. Later, GS apprised that currently only 5% contribution is paid, which is insignificant due to less amount and delayed start. GS apprised how this has got exposed in Covid Pandemic, where families of deceased BSNL Recruited Employees are struggling to meet the daily need in view of the very less amount in pension under the provision. He argued that it can’t be linked with company health being a Pensionary part of the employees, who account almost 70% of the total strength. Director Finance assured to look into it. AO to CAO promotion: In the light of DOP&T order on reservation in promotion, association demanded AO to CAO promotion in finance vertical. At the same time GS focused to remind Dir(Fin )that due to shortfall of 15 days in residency period in AO grade as per MS RR, good number of qualified AOs are not meeting the RR Provisions for CAO promotion. Whereas there is acute shortage in the CAO grade and sufficient numbers of vacancies are available, hence a relaxation for 15 days in residency period will be a win-win situation for both the department and the incumbent Executives. These AOs were promoted in Junaiuary-2015 and already functioning as CAO through look after at many places to meet the shortfall. Hence an exemption is highly required to meet the conditions. It was also informed that since MSRR is going to be revised soon, suggestion of association must be considered.

Repatriation of JAO:

Discussion was held about the repatriation order of JAOs working on Rule-9 from more than three years of service. It was apprised that they were transferred on temporary clause through Rule-9 in the previous policy, which is having a provision of maximum stay of five years. Hence these JAOs must be provided relief and allowed to continue in line with the previous policy to overcome their hardship, which was the reason of their temporary transfer. Director Finance apprised that she is in full knowledge of the issue as the association has met earlier also on the matter. She assured to speak to the Director HR about these officers to resolve the matter by taking a balance approach including need of these JAOs and demand of the association.

Later, the team discussed about the financial position of BSNL and good collection made in the month of March with combined efforts of Employees and Management. It was demanded by the association to start restoring the facilities halted, as financial position is improving. Meeting ended on a positive note.