Settlement Status of BSNL Covid Fund Claim:

It is learnt that still many BSNL Covid Fund Claims have not been settled due to various reasons. Tentative figures of the claim registered are as follows:

BCF Sheet

Total Cases Registered under the Policy 246
Cases approved by the BSNL CO New Delhi216
Payment made to the nominee146
Payment not disbursed despite approval70
Cases Not Received from Circle 30

It is to inform that after accord of the approval, the Circle has to request for the fund from BSNL CO New Delhi and make payment to the nominee of the deceased employee. All Circle Secretaries and District Secretaries are requested to take efforts to ensure the payment as well as pursue for sending pending cases by completing all the formalities and correction sought by the BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi. It is to reiterate that a sum of Rs 10 Lakh is paid to the nominee of deceased employee under the Policy. The above figure is varying with each passing day and not replicate absolute one.