Payment of Salary on Last Working Day of the Month:

In continuity, GS AIGETOA has taken up the matter of Salary Payment on last working day of the month with Director (HR) on 29.04.2021. He apprised the Director (HR) about grim situation of employees across the BSNL due to multifold increase in the COVID Cases with more deadly effect. He apprised the Director HR about sad demises of more than thirty employees in just few days and hospitalization of many others due to the ongoing Pandemic. This has shaken thousands of BSNL family and employees are keenly looking towards the management in this hour of crisis. We extend our thanks to the management for release of the order for Medical Advance but timely payment of Salary is a must. The Director (HR) also showed concern for each member of the BSNL family and their wellbeing and assured management support but at the same time apprised about the poor collection. We have told that poor collection can’t be accepted as a reason for delay in payment of Salary, especially when we have received a record collection in the last month.

We have requested Director (HR) to utilise whatsoever the methodology or routes but the Salary should be ensured on time as every family is battling this Crisis and Salary is the only support. We can’t bear any delay in the salary and if needs arise; the association will reach out to the government also for the purpose.